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Nauset Regional High school is bursting with pride and school spirit. The teachers and faculty genuinely care about their students. Overall, I had a great experience here.
Nauset has a wide range of classes and students. It is big enough to find your place in the school, but small enough to feel like you're home. It is a great school for academic types and sports players. You get out what you put in, which is great for motivated students. Average students just get pushed along the system however.
I really liked my experience at Nauset. I went to the MS and HS. Middle school is tough for everyone, but overall it was a good experience. High school was much better- much more freedom. The work load seemed somewhat overwhelming at times, but looking back I know it was all manageable. I had a really positive experience at Nauset
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I loved Nauset. However, I feel some students did not get the help they needed in terms of counseling and future development. I know many students who have extreme potential yet have been confined to think otherwise due to being discouraged from taking honors or AP classes.
I enjoyed my experience at Nauset Public Schools because I believe, especially on the high school level, that the majority of the teachers are smart and dedicated to their students and their ability to learn. I also appreciate the high school's general openness to an abundance of activities and elective courses and the fact that the school has an extensive arts program. The feel on campus is very open and accepting, although the administration tends to be more strict than I would like and often dismiss issues that are important but they deem controversial or unimportant.
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