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My experience with Naugatuck public schools has been pretty average. I don't think I've gotten an amazing education and there's been some scandals throughout my time there, but it hasn't been horrible.
I started Naugatuck High School my junior year. The administrators, teachers and nurses were welcoming. They paid great attention to my needs and were forthcoming in answering my questions or pointing in the direction I needed to go.

My hope is that they become more visible to college sport recruiters.
I played soccer for Naugatuck High School and loved the sports program that Naugatuck High School has to offer.
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Naugatuck High School has recently undergone a huge renovation project. The school is beautiful. The food options for students is quite immense. The teachers are extremely helpful and caring. Counseling and administration assist as much as the can to prepare students for the future.
I felt that this was a good high school environment for me and I was able to learn a lot here. I especially enjoyed my time traveling to Portugal with the Naugatuck High School Chamber Singers.
I go to nvcc; the school is diverse, very underestimated in its teaching potential as I have learned more here in 5 months then my four years of high school.
The Naugatuck School District is constantly evaluating itself and its services to its students - continuously adapting and upgrading.
I would like to say that Naugatuck has done a job well done in their education in terms of helping aid students to achieve beyond their limit and up to their potential. I enjoyed my experience at all the schools, having grown up in Naugatuck (basically) after moving and cherish all the moments and skills that each level of education had to offer me.
Needs more diversity with students. Teacher to student ratio could improve however some class sizes where okay depending on the class
Naugatuck needs an overhaul with their administration. It's very political and a lot of teachers miss a lot of school.
The district offers a variety of AP classes, but I fret my talent along with the talent of others, is being squandered, for only so many AP classes are avilable to each student, e.g. freshman 1 class, sophmore 2 classes, and there isn't enough classes to fill an entire year up. Other than thedisillusionment I felt from learning about this, the school is quite satisfactory adaquete.
The most memorable experiences I have experienced in the Naugatuck School District are the afterschool activities and the relationships made with supportive teachers. When I was in eighth grade, my science teacher inspired me to pursue my studies in biology and chemistry. As a senior in high school, we continue to maintain a very close bond. In high school, the teachers are extremely down-to-earth and are prepared to support you in any future endeavors. Furthermore, the afterschool activities are phenomenal. There are many activities to become involved in; focusing on a range of interest or social aspects. These afterschool activities prepare students to enter the work-force as the afterschool activities, such as Science Olympiad, Student Council, Best Buddies, Class officers, National Honors Society cultivate responsibility and work ethic needed to strive in the professional world.
I love the location for all the schools. Each school is in a very safe area or an environment. A lot of the teachers are very friendly, but some can come off a bit rude or reserved which is a bad look, But overall Naugatuck has a good school district.
My experience with naugatuck public schools are on the "very good" end of the scale because the academics are good and the teachers are excellent the collage readiness is exceptional because they offer for you to take the SAT test for no charge.
I liked the school districts open-mindedness. If you knew the right people and made the right connections, anything could happen. The music department and sports teams were talented but they could use some work with administration.
It's a pretty good school overall, good teachers, great people. The food is typical school food, other than that pretty solid school.
I like to see a change in their writing program. Adopting the workshop model and allowing for more student choice in their writing topics instead of writing to prompts.
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My children are in elementary school right now and everything has been great so far. All my children's teachers have been hard working and understanding people. My sons school is dedicated to helping him with his special needs as well.
Overall I enjoyed my experience with Naugatuck schools from elementary school to high school. I had really helpful teachers and felt ready when completing my first year of college. There were tons of activities I loved such as field days, grad night or events such as Cruz night, held in memory of our beloved Spanish teacher Mrs. Cruz who passed away due to pancreatic cancer. I felt that we were a real community in each school whether it was elementary, intermediate, middle, or high school. I wouldn't have changed my experience what so ever with the Naugatuck school district.
It was an awesome experience. I miss going to middle and high school. So many good memories I've had attending the Naugatuck School District. The teachers were amazing and they really showed care for their students. In my opinion, I don't think anything should change.
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