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Natrona County School District No. 1 Reviews

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It was a good community to grow in. My teachers were always helpful and taught me more than just curriculum.
I love natrona county high school. Teachers are very nice and always do their best to help you achieve your goals. One thing they could do better is getting on top of things faster.
In general we have a good school district with a lot of activities and support programs. It would be nice to see a stronger stance on bullying.
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I enjoyed my time as a student in the district. I felt that my teachers, principles, and other school staff cared about the students. There was a feelings of family almost. The only thing that I would like to see is the other higher up people more in the school settings.
I moved to Wyoming from Arizona my junior year, it was a rough transition. But the staff and teachers worked with me and supported me all the way through graduation!
My experience in Natrona High School has been wonderful, not only help me academically but social too. This school is really amazing and their stuff are always trying to help each and everyone of the kids that go there. As for sports Natrona is great with getting kids involved and try to get their best out of them, by participating in school sport we learn many lessons for example what team works mean and what been an student athlete means.
I love my elementary and high school. Junior high was a bit of a mess, kind of felt like it was just babysitting.
At the NCSD I went to Kelly Walsh High School. I feel as though Kelly Walsh really opens up to helping people be accepting of others. One of the best things I've experienced here is people’s interactions with the Special education FLS classmate peers. There's always kids saying hi to them and making them feel loved and I've met some of the best kids in that class myself. I also believe NCSD does a lot to help kids succeed even if they're failing classes they always give kids ways to come in and make up credits or teachers have always told us to come in at lunch for help. The environment is overall very warm and welcoming to everyone. There's always so many nice teachers to trust and go to. We have so much to do here club wise and academic wise that there's bound to be something everyone can do!
They value not leaving students behind. All students who are reaching for an education will be helped here. They value strength in numbers and show that everyone inside the district is part of a family.
no mater what they never put kids down its always education first and they understand everything and help
Natrona County is an excellent school with exceptional staff. The teachers and the administration are attentive and are there to help students with any trouble. The teachers are great at helping students transition to that next stage. There is a good majority of teachers that have good relationships with students. Of course, there is staff who are not bright and bubbly every day, but that is normal. The facility is new and clean, there are staff members constantly cleaning the building so there is no worry there. There is a an anonymous app that the school uses to add tips if there is any bullying problems, safety issues, and just tips in general. I would overall recommend this school to students and staff who want to attend.
The environment at NCHS is very impressive. It is a very safe and secure place. The staff is amazing, and try to work with the students to their ability. The IB program could definitely be improved, but in my 2 years of doing it, I have noticed effort int trying to make it better. There is a variety of options for classes which is wonderful.
The teachers are ready to help students with whatever they need. They change the ways that they learn to help students better know what is going on.
My experience in natrona county was very mediocre compared to a lot of similar age students. One of the main causes to that, stems from it being in a small town in the least populated state in The US. I like that it's small so are schools more individualized than most other schools. I would change travel and transportation and since its casper you have to drive for take the bus there is no alternative. So improved buses would help.
I have been a student in the Natrona county school district all the way until I graduated high school. It was alright I guess, I never really got bullied or anything like that. I always felt pretty safe in the schools and around the teachers. I never have felt uncomfortable or anything like that in or around the schools or teachers. The teachers in the school system weren't bad and definitely cared about their students for the most part. The athletic programs were pretty good. Always teaching discipline and good character in young med and women. I would like to see more teachers more involved in their students and more hands on teaching.
Most of the teachers at the school I went to were very good. Some coursework and deadlines seemed to pass by very fast, but that could’ve been that I was in the IB program. The IB program is stressful, but I was able to get college credit in advance because of it. The school I went to didn’t give much funding to the art program and instead gave most of it to the main sports, which limited resources in the art program.
My overall experience was a good experience. I loved participating in sports. The sense of team, family, and camaraderie were very present. The teachers were great and were very helpful if I needed something. The food could be better. At the school that I attend we are somewhat diverse. We have quite a few students from different ethnic back rounds.
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The teachers are great, the schools great. Pretty much I love everything about it. The only reason I gave it a four instead of a five is that the only part of the dress code that anyone seams to care about it the hats. The part of the dress code that seems the least serous to me.
I went to Cy Middle school for 2 years before going onto graduating from Natrona County High School. One thing I noticed that was consistent is the lack of understanding students and what they really need to be learning to better education and life advancement. School district is more worried about a students attendance rather than them understanding the subject they’re learning.
Very good school District. It has good morals and ethics. Tries its best to teach and prepare students for the real world. Very involved and resourceful.
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