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Natrona County School District No. 1 Reviews

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My overall experience was a good experience. I loved participating in sports. The sense of team, family, and camaraderie were very present. The teachers were great and were very helpful if I needed something. The food could be better. At the school that I attend we are somewhat diverse. We have quite a few students from different ethnic back rounds.
The teachers are great, the schools great. Pretty much I love everything about it. The only reason I gave it a four instead of a five is that the only part of the dress code that anyone seams to care about it the hats. The part of the dress code that seems the least serous to me.
I went to Cy Middle school for 2 years before going onto graduating from Natrona County High School. One thing I noticed that was consistent is the lack of understanding students and what they really need to be learning to better education and life advancement. School district is more worried about a students attendance rather than them understanding the subject they’re learning.
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Very good school District. It has good morals and ethics. Tries its best to teach and prepare students for the real world. Very involved and resourceful.
I went to Natrona County High School and I really enjoyed it. All the teachers were amazing and understanding. If you wanted to take classes that really challenged you, they had amazing teachers for that. The athletes were treated very nicely with the new facilities by the school and the new auditorium and band room are fantastic for the music and drama kids. The clubs that were offered were opened to anybody who wanted to join and school spirit was greatly encouraged. Overall I have had a great experience with my high school career and I wouldn’t had wanted to go anywhere else.
Overall, Natrona county school district isn't too great. The teachers seem to be there for their paycheck, not the youth. I had a terrible experience at every school in the district except transitions. I am a high school drop out, and I attended the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy and got my High School equivalency. Things we're just too tough with NCSD. The teachers really didn't seem to care either, so why bother? other than the teachers and the bullying that isn't being taken care of, I would say it's an average school district.
This is a very friendly school district that puts the students first. All of the teachers are very caring and put the student's needs before their own.
I loved going to high school here. The teachers are amazing and always have such great attitudes! The administration, I believe, has some working to do. They make some bad options in my opinion, mostly when it comes to the weather in Casper. Here in Casper we get a lot of snow in the winter, and the only times we’ve had snow days have been in the extremes of winter.
Natrona County School District can be described as excellent in everything including: academics, athletics, activities, and acceptance. I have enjoyed being a part of several clubs and sports as well as being college ready through the education this school district provides.
My experience in Natrona county schools has been a good one, i have had the opportunity to expand all of my interests in a school setting
I really enjoyed going to school in this district. My favorite part about it was the teachers. They have really impacted me and my future. I don't think I would change anything about it.
I love my school! The education that I continue to receive is amazing. The ability that I have to continue my education in high school with college classes makes my life less stressful.
It’s just like Kelly Walsh. The only thing that really separates it from Kelly Walsh is the International Baccalaureate Programme. That’s truly one of the best parts about Natrona County High School.
I would like to see the district-wide rules be reviewed along with some of the schools changing rules on ACT prep or practice.
Wasn't a bad school to attend. The school is built around sports and if you aren't that type the school is pretty bland. Could have been better teaching techniques like any other place.
I thoroughly enjoy NCHS. The International Baccalaurette program has allowed me to excell acedemically and prepare for college. It also gives me the chance to earn college credit.
My experience with Natrona County School District No. 1 would have to be neutral. The food at school was never really good, but you can’t expect much for how many people there are. I’m the future of like to see more engaging classes that teach the student useful things like balancing a check book, getting a job, and staying out of debt.
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There are multitudes of extra-curricular activities including but not limited to, Doctor Who Club, Student Counsel, DECA, Nordic Skiing, and Cross Country Running. Students in any sort of extra-curricular activity have better grades, clearly the school is dedicated to helping students succeed. The school does, however, have flaws. A girl was sexually assaulted in our parking lot. The situation may not have been able to be stopped but none of the students were informed of the situation. Girls, and even boys, are at risk of sexual assault everyday and being informed about the situation during the time would have an even greater impact on the students awareness of this type of conflict. Putting the school on lock down would have been ideal as well; would have allowed students to feel safer (even though no one was informed). Overall the school holds true to its mission statement.
I enjoy the school district and its move to promote a better life for the kids attending school in the District although some rules that have been made were made with no help from the community and their support of the arts is highly lacking.
I would like to see our school district work towards more communication between faculty and students. In addition, I would like to see policies reviewed with priorities on graduation and test scores rather than dress codes.
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