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Overall, the district could pay more attention to their charter schools and its classrooms. There also needs to be a new budget for supplies and furniture. Money is being spent on lots of unnecessary things.
Diverse, challenging and the teachers care about the students. The school board members are very committed to making ensuring that students needs are met.
I love Leroy Greene Academy. I feel very supported by the wonderful teachers and staff. They always go above and beyond to help out the students. I can't imagine going to another school. Since we are a fairly new school, we don't have the best sports facilities but we are working on it.
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As with any other public school, you can't expect a whole lot. Administration could use improvement, but you can find adults who are supportive and trusting.
I love Natomas Unified School District and all the schools I have attended there. One thing I would change is the consequences regarding bullying since in Elementary school I was bullied and I have witnessed several students being bullied. I love how diverse my school is and I feel that I was helped a lot when applying to college and feel confident that I will be successful.
The access to technology at this school district is great! Chromebooks in every classroom and if you do not have access to a laptop or a desktop you can check a Chromebook out for free. I would like to see the food change. I understand that this is not something you would think about when choosing a school district. They gave us a little amount of food that was sometimes overcooked that wouldn't last us through the day. Also sometimes the food was not cooked properly that made the food very undesirable and many times I would eat a small portion of my lunch cause it desiable to eat the rest. The access to vresh fruit and vegtiables is great. Natomas does tend to give more attetion to the biger schools leaving the smaller schools the left overs. Inderkum has great scidemics and sports while Leroy Greene Academy only has the acidemics and not the same attention to sports
The Natomas Unified School District prepares students for college readiness and by allowing them to take Advanced Placement classes.
Honestly it's ok. Not the best, not the worst. I've been going to the district since kindergarten, and I haven't been too terribly disappointed. I feel that there are better things in store for me in the future thought.
It has been an experience. I used to go to Sheldon High and they seem to care more about the students then Inderkum does. There was more activities and appreciation for the students.
Teachers are great wish there was more areas of switching and transferring to different schools within the district
I loved how the AP teachers were involved with their students and their academic achievements. The counselors were amazingly supportive and helpful to students who reached out for help.
My experience at Np3 is very good! We have received multiple awards for being in the top 3 schools in California! Our campus is very diverse and helps you with the college experience tramendoisly. Our campus is very safe and our faculty is very resourceful. Any question you ask, they always answer in the most genuine and respectful way. However, sports to many students is an issue. We do not have sports only clubs because administration feels that all students should only focus on academics. Going along with academics, we offer a variety of AP courses in all subjects.
I loved attending Natomas High School. The diversity brought about many changes as I traversed through high school, and it made me more empathetic towards others. The education was decent, but I wish the teachers were a bit more motivated to teach. Don't get me wrong! Many teachers are passionate about their teachings, but there are some who aren't.
my experience at NUSD was amazing, I learned so much from all the teachers and all the people that I met. I love the fact that every student has a amazing quality and come from far away backgrounds. NUSD is one of the most diverse school systems and really brings comfort to students as well as representation. Id like to see more scheduled events in the school community to meet younger generations or older generations.
Natomas High school has a lot of things that can be beneficial for us, counselors are always there to answer any questions we have or concerns, the clubs help tremendously to help us get into College, the teacher quality is good but not exelent but teachers are always there to answer any questions we have.
I love how most teachers that I had through my high school year were involved not only academically but personally.
I have always attended school within Natomas Unified School District and my experience has been great! Teachers, staff, and faculty were all very kind throughout my elementary, middle school, and high school career. Many different opportunities that the district would offer to students and parents. Natomas Unified School District has always been involved in making the community and school environment a safe, comfortable, and great learning experience.
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I liked the diversity at inderkum high it was inspirational however i did not like how the staff handled certain issues
School is very diverse! Need more support for children who is in need for basic reading,writing and math.
Natomas Unified does not truly care about the education of the students. They care about if they have the bare minimum or pass the law. More than half of the teachers at Natomas High School were hired out of necessity (former teachers leave the district often because the district is a horror) so now Natomas is infested with bad teachers and the school nor district cares about it. They seem to think that just because there’s a teachers in a classroom, everything is okay and that is not okay. One classroom had a walk out because of their terrible teacher and admin reacted by doing nothing. I would never recommend someone to Natomas or schools from Natomas district. I am very regretful of not going to another school.
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