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National Trail Local School District Reviews

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We aren't very diverse or anything. But we have a great education system. We are ranked in the top schools in Ohio, so I would say we are pretty good. Our sports program also thrive
The National School District is a small one. I will graduate with maybe 70 people. This may seem like a downside to the education I received, but I can assure anyone that it is not. The intimate environment of classrooms allows for teachers to connect with students on a more personal level. I have enjoyed the relationships I have made with teachers over the years who have helped me throughout my education.
One downside to my education was the absence of discussing real world issues. The small town environment created at Trail can lead to a bubble surrounding us as students. There is a lot that is wrong in the world, and we as students need to be taught this, and also guided on what we can do to make the world a better place through our education.
Our community is not like most! In our school, we are all on a first name basis! Our classes are a fair size, and our teachers always reach out to us to help us excel in our areas of improvement. The staff is always willing to help us with fundraisers, community service, and even staying after school to help us with any academics! I love this school because of the heartwarming community and staff! I defiantly recommend this school to anyone who enjoys smaller class sizes, and to be on a name basis with everyone! I love my school! Our school is very safe, and we even have a resource officer from the sheriff department to ensure our safety! We are all supplied with laptops, and even sports passes if you receive good grades! We have lots of incentives, and our school is really competitive! We all enjoy coming together, and planning fun activities for our school and community. Go BLAZERS!
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Middle school here was really rough, but the high school experience is fantastic. Great teacher to student ratio, well educated teachers, and a close community.
National Trail is good for making friends for it's a place where you get to know everyone. It is also a place where you have good connections with teachers. I would like to see more support for the arts programs rather than just the sports programs.
The main factor with NTHS is that everyone is being pushed to succeed. No matter how much of a disaster you come into as, you will come out as a person whom you could be proud of.
The thing that I love most about National Trail is the teachers. The teachers at National Trail is what makes the school unique. They are always willing to answer any questions that you may have, give extra help when it is needed, and come up with new exciting ways to learn. I was having problems with Chemistry and it wasn't making any sense how my teacher was describing it so I went to a teacher that taught Biology and Anatomy and asked for his help. He immediately set down with me and tried to explain it in a different way that I could understand. National Trail has a caring and fun environment to learn in and that is what is best about National Trail.
My experience at National Trail has been amazing there's not another school that I would have chosen to go to because National Trail is one of the most helpful and caring school districts. I don't think that I would change anything because then it wouldn't feel like home.
National Trail is a small school in the western part of Ohio. Being a farming area, we are very rural and the graduating classes are small. The classrooms are around 20 kids each and it allows the children to get to know their teachers and classmates on a level that is uncommon in larger schools. Additionally, our school adopted a program a few years ago that allows each child in the highschool are given a laptop to complete schoolwork both in and out of school. Overall, our small size has helped our student body in both technology and classroom relations
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