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I enjoyed my time at Natick High. I had good luck with some great teachers and getting to know some awesome admin. I was on a sports team all of high school and was able to participate in many clubs.
Wonderful experiences at Natick Public schools. Engaging, innovative curriculum, state of the art facilities, excellent teachers and staff. Very involved parents, truly a community feel within the school.
The school was well funded and the teachers were very knowledgeable but I feel that there often wasn't different perspectives offered in the classroom.
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I really liked how supportive the staff is and the great coaches across all sports that the school has.
The teachers are very nice and I can't wait for the new middle school because I go their. Also I love the sports.
I transferred into the school my junior year. All were very accepting. I started out as a good student because Natick High School kept the learning fun and challenging.
The education itself was good, however the handling of racist incidents was poor, diversity is poor among staff and students alike.
This school district while having excellent academics and facilities, has terrible student life. Many students are neglected, and there is little support for mental health. The school pushes college and high-level classes while not caring about the wellbeing of the students.
I have been at Natick public schools since Kindergarten. I love the community feel- the walking neighborhood schools and the community involvement.
I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to go to a high school that really cares about their students The Faculty is amazing they listen to your concerns and help you with the resources that you need to become an independent student, my grades ngpa have gone up every semester but the knowledge that I could possibly attend a top rating School in New England.
At Natick Public Schools I like that the school district is heavily involved in all the schools and is willing to change or implement new policies if necessary. They involve parents in school events and make sure everyone that attends their schools is accommodated for. The High School has a great college readiness program and fully addresses student's questions and concerns.
Natick High School and the public schools, in general, have really helped me gain confidence in my abilities to speak out and confidence in my work. They really know what they are doing and their curriculum in every class gets the students engaged and ready to learn
I think that the school could be a great place to learn if the attitudes of the students changed. Most of the students are entitled and take many of their opportunities for granted. That being said, the teachers are often a hit or miss. I have had incredible teachers that have led helped me to succeed, and I have had teachers that have seemed to not care whether I passed or failed their class. I think Natick has the potential to be an incredible school district if the student cares about their work and is grateful for the opportunities given to them.
The Natick Public School system has given me all the resources I need to be successful. I always loved my teachers, and was able to spend time in the beautiful new high school.
Everyone at Natick High School is very friendly, the teachers are great, and the counselors care about their students.
I like the involvement of technology in our education. I feel that the teachers help us to achieve success and they are always there when we need them.
Natick high school is a good school with a nice building. All the staffs and teachers are good. The teachers know about their role and know how to teach the students and give the best to them. Natick high school is also highly diverse and you can get in touch with different cultures.
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All I can say is they're trying their best. They rebuilt the high school a few years ago and it's nice, but it started deteriorating slightly fast. The classes are nice though, and they try to have something for everyone.
Natick has great facilities and a big academic field, which prides itself on having a large arts program. With many electives in all main fields, Natick additionally offers several AP courses which help students get adjusted to the college flow.
Even though the population on Natick is increasing, you still can get the one-on-one care most students require. The teachers really want to work in this district an truly care about their students.
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