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Natchitoches Parish Public Schools Reviews

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This school is all about learning. We do have sports but you have to make the sports team. We have clubs but they all come with a price. We have a lot of activities but they involve money. The teachers try their best and most of the students are trying. It’s not a terrible school it’s just a lot of unnecessary rules.
The reason I gave the Natchitoches Parish Public School a poor rating is because those in charge make decisions without considering the opinions of the students and their parents. At meetings we are listened to, but we are not heard. I believe that in order for students to have a bright and successful future they must be "HEARD". Therefore, I would like to see changes in the decision making process that would guarantee that our visions would come to pass.
The school that I attend in Natchitoches is called the Louisiana school for math, science, and the arts. It is a very diverse school with an amazing administration.
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My experience with the Natchitoches Pariah Public Schools was good in away but as you grow older and start to change school it becomes very different and you start to see things & realize that the schools you see on tv aren’t like that in real life.
Natchitoches Parish Public Schools are very good. The teachers and people are very kind-hearted and helpful with anything you need help with. The environment is really good. The parish itself is full of warm-hearted people.
Natchitoches Parish Public Schools are pleasant to attend. They have everything a student needs to get their education and graduate. They also have extra curricular activities that one may attend during their journey through school, which makes school fun. However, sometimes it seems as though its not about the students anymore. As a student, I wish it felt like the principle cared more about the students than his/her own job. As a whole the school system is not that bad it just has some minor kinks. Such as the fact that there supposedly is a no failure policy. Which is not fare for the students that actually take the time and work for their grades. I think the Natchitoches Parish Public School system is an overall good place receive your education as an elementary student or high school student.
In the Natchitoches Parish school district they have some teachers that teacher very well but others are more focused on other things such as your uniform
Natchitoches Parish School system is horrible. I have attended a Natchitoches Parish school since Pre K and nothing has changed, I'd actually have to say things have gotten worse. Teachers are uncertified and aren't teaching for the love of the children or education. The whole "master teacher" thing is silly. They have taken the best teachers out of the classrooms to do basically nothing! Also, the system focuses to much on unimportant this, like what kind of jacket students are wearing instead of the failing rate. Natchitoches Parish is in desperate need for help!
Overall with all the quirks it's not a bad school district there are definitely some improvements to be made but that's everywhere just wished we had more opportunity to put our voice forward about how the schools are run.
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