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The community is tight knit and you can see the ways the community gets involved into schools from football games to academics. The staff is caring and compassionate. Could use some more personal and frequent relations between guidance counselors and upper level students.
My experience was pretty great, I was not exposed to anything different so I would not be able to make a valid comparison.
I had a great experience! I loved the teachers and the variety of classes the school offers. The student body is full of school spirit. Fernandina Beach High School is a great place for any student, because clubs like Friendly Fernandina are sure make all students fell welcomed. Speaking of clubs, there is also a large selection of extracurriculars.
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I attend West Nassau High School and I have had so many bad experiences over the years. It is a good school if you want to earn dual enrollment credits but don't expect the process of doing so to be easy. The administration at the school is terrible; you have to repeatedly ask for tings to be done. I am often not told due dates until the last possible minute and then have to scramble to get things together. The teachers at West Nassau are average with the exception of a few fantastic ones.
The Nassau County School District provides students with the best teachers in a safe, caring environment. No matter which school you attend, the all offer the same care for every type of student. The teachers work very hard to make sure each student is properly equipped to join the real world. The schools are located in safe areas with school resource officers present to make sure things run smoothly.
The teaches are nice and work with you when you need help. Nassau county is a good place to send your kids for schooling. The environment is very nice and its a nice community to be in.
I enjoyed going to school in the Nassau county district but I would change the facilities themselves they are putting portables in the back of the school because there are so many kids attending them. The portables are cold, damp, some are crammed into a space with another small one right beside it.
My name is Lilah Rozar and I am currently a senior at West Nassau High School and I've been going here since 10th grade. My overall experience over the past two years that I've been attending West Nassau has been really well! I've been so pleased with the teachers that I have had the pleasures to take courses with and meet up with to talk to.
i like that it is a very caring and attentive school district. They take matters into their own hands and really try to decide whats best for everyone, not just the school board or officials.
They are to strict with their rules. I don't like the fact that if a stufent is late to class they have to have lunch detention.
Nassau County has a great school system, hands down amazing. They really seem to care about each and every student. I go to Yulee High and I could not feel more safe, welcomed, or cared about. There really isn't anything I would necessarily change about it, it's perfect.
I liked the relationships my teachers formed with the students here. Although the opportunities and information about college readiness were minimal in my opinion, going to high school here created many bonds with students and teachers through education.
I would like more school spirit. The sports aren't great and the games are kind of expensive to go to. There should be more pep rallies. The academic aspect of the school is good though. Lots of extra help and college readiness. It was nice to have AP courses available.
I loved this school and would love to go back. I had the best teachers everyone was nice. no bullying and everyone was like family to one another.
Yulee has everything you need to be successful. Fun student body, great team spirit! The academics are fantastic with ap and honors classes that will help you get into any college you might be interested in. Great activities such as clubs and band, absolutely love the marching band! Overall a great school for many interests with a small town feel 😃
I attend Yulee High School. It has been a very positive experience. The Administration and Staff are wonderful. All of the teachers are very knowledgable.
Fast growing school to accommodate a fast growing community while maintaining a challenging but fun environment!
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The staff members have helped me develop who I am and Has gave me a variety of many options for my future. Thieu was a lot of clubs and extensions to programs to develop my moral self. I enjoyed most is the sports that were offered.
My experience with Nassau County School District was great! I feel completely safe when I'm at school. The best part about our district tho, is our athletic teams. From Friday night football games to the boys playing baseball and the girls playing softball, along with basket ball and volleyball, there's never a dull moment around here. I don't think I'd change anything other than the dress code a little. Girls and guys should be able to wear tank tops as long as girls bra straps aren't showing and girls should be able to wear shorts as long as their private areas aren't showing. Boys should learn to control themselves and pay attention to their work and not us females. Sending us home for dress code because we're a "distraction" to them, is taking away from our education. We need to teach the boys to respect woman and not drool over them in class.
left clay for better schools i have never regreted that decision love my school and my district very safE!!!! 3 OF THE BEST ACEDEMIC YEARS that my girls have had very parent friendly love the small town feel
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