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Overall Nashville High school was a great place to go to school. You were always supported no matter what and always had someone rooting for you.
I have been going to Nashville Schools since first grade. I have had no bad experiences with the school. It’s not that bad compared to what others would say. We actually have pretty good cafeteria food. The bathrooms are my only complaint, they’re never kept up with.
I liked that they took pride in their education and sports facilities. But, one thing that could be worked on is the diversity of the faculty and racial issues.
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Nashville really does have good schools relative to its area. They have some dedicated, vibrant, and diverse faculty; however, the resources poured into the sports programs far outweigh those used for academics and other programs. Unfortunately this is because the general population in small town Arkansas values sports much higher than education and the arts - a problem that is not easily fixed.
Nashville is a great school. If your having a bad day and want to be cheered up and never have a bad day at school again, Nashville is the place to be. We don't judge any students and treat students the way we would want to be treated.
It is a okay school but I do not recommend anyone to come here to play sports. It is a one sport town and they do not care about you only the program of football. I played basketball and we had a good season we played 26 games and only have eight games recorded and uploaded on Hudl and half of the team is not on the Hudl because the coach does not know how to add playing to the roster. The basketball program is treated bad and football is praised rewarded and remember forever while basketball is something Nashville plays for fun.
The Nashville school experience is extremely impressive. You can be your own person and express yourself freely.
Nashville school is a very good school with great teachers that really care about your well being. they will always try an help with whatever they can, also they like to have your input on things.
Nashville High School can be fun at times and stressful at other times. It is a very diverse school and that means there are a lot of cliques. I know some people love Nashville High School, but it was not the school for me.
Great school with strong traditions. Teachers are typically very helpful. School has a winning tradition so clubs and sports are highly encouraged.
I moved to Nashville as a high school senior this school system made it a very easy transition. From the front office to the music department everyone made me feel welcomed. The school councilor helped me make sure that I had all of the classes that I needed to graduate and get in as many college classes as possible prior to graduating.
Nashville High School is a very friendly, spirited school. They like to help their students learn as much as possible while also having fun with clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. This school is very family based and the people tend to care on a personal level. It also has very nice fine art programs going. The Scrapper band is very talented and the new opened Art Club is sure to be a hit with the future high school students.
I enjoyed the people the most. The facilities were always amazing and the most helpful thing around. The downside is that they didn't prepare me enough for college. We never had the amount of the entire year as I did my first month in college.
This is a really good website. I would tell everyone I know to use this web page. I really like how is list all the scholarships that I can get. I love the way that is gives all the information that I need to know about the scholarship. It ask really good question but it does not ask personal question.
Nashville has been known to enhance the learning experience at all schools to better the education to as many children that want to get ready for college. Middle school was a great experience for me and i had plenty of opportunity to branch out and discover what i loved.
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