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Academics and college readiness were average at both the high school. Clubs were poorly advertised and funded, unless it was related to athletics. Teachers were all very kind and overall caring of students and their education. There were lots of diversity at the schools which I was very grateful for. Sports and the Arts were very much supported here.
When answering this question, There is a lot I could say. I've lived in Nashua my whole life and have gone to the schools since Pre-K. I would say it has had a huge impact on my life. The teachers have been one of the best parts. I have formed many relationships with them and still today talk to most of them. The academics I have had have been very good. It's what have kept me going all this time.
Grading chart is very odd, high school class is too easy due to having 4 classes a day with a 40 minute “eblock” which is pretty much a recess in a way. Teachers are great but the way the schools are run are a little weird.
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Great schools I will graduate this year 2019, iam anxious to start my journey . Nashua school system were able to keep me safe in school with my severe food allergy, with scheduling my 504 meetings to make we are all on the same page with my allergies, Thank you to Nashua school edu.
Great District with lots of activities. The district has lots of great schools but not the best safety, there are a lot of activities that the parents could get involved in but, a lot of the parents never show up to them.
My experience with the Nashua School District was as a student, and it was neither amazingly excellent nor abysmal. They taught me what I needed to know, and that’s what’s important.
It has terrible teachers, too large class sizes and variable education depending on the school. Its policies are terrible and tone deaf.
The Nashua School District offers great educational opportunities to all of its students. Throughout my educational career the school district has made plenty of improvements.
What a lovely school district. I couldn't say enough about the wonderful education i am in. Loved every second about school
I think that the Nashua school district has some very few good teachers but I would like to see teachers care more and find better ways of teaching rather than lecture or the same projects they are sick of assigning but they were usually good at listening to the requests of the students and would hear out any concerns. The main issue with most schools isn't the teachers its the students unwillingness to learn.
The Nashua School District takes pride in the arts. While most of NH was limiting the arts programs provided to students, Nashua found every way possible to keep it going. They struggle with understanding that some students need IEPs or help with some, but not all subjects.
The Nashua School District overall is a great one. The environment is very friendly at all the schools and it is very diverse. The high schools offer a lot of classes and clubs for any activities you are interested in. I like how much they care about the students. I don't like the competency based grading.
Many teachers seemed motivated and willing to help anyone who needed it with problems in or outside of school. District wide seemed to be non-personal. School rules such as dress code seemed to only be applied to people who weren't connected to the school teams or part of clubs.
What I would like to see change in the Nashua School District is invest more money and time into lunches. Make the students experience even better. But either than that the District itself has treated me great over the past 12 years and I will forever be grateful for those who made it that way.
The education I received was very good, however, I was very good at self advocating. In order to get any feedback or support from the district, you need to be able to stand up for yourself.
the schools were always short staffed. never had a full amount of teachers hired. not enough substitute teachers. a lot of teachers and staff were rude. wasn't challenged. a lot of bullying happened.
There were times where I did not feel as though I was learning as much as I could have been. Though, overall, I'm grateful for the experience I had, and the good teachers I came in contact with.
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The school is a great place to go to high school, but there is very little diversity and the school lacks funding to get the best learning experience. For instance last week me and my classmates participated in a school competition in Manchester, NH and we could hardly get a to the competition.
Not much really makes it stand out and it's not very exceptional but it's not horrible. For the most part it has great classes but there's also quite a few unsavory ones as well. I do not feel that we practice drills enough as well.
Good school with good resources. Sports are lacking and facilities are just average. The food is ok and the teachers are pretty good too.
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