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I don’t like Nashua school district. Very racist and could use teachers who can actually show and appreciate different cultures. 1/10 would not recommend.
Nashua high school north was the best. I met amazing friends and teachers . The teachers are very helpful and wants the best for their students.
Nashua school district changed people lives. I came to Nashua two years ago with my family. None of use knew English. After going to school for about a year, I knew how to start a conversation with someone in English and my siblings too. Teachers at school are so nice and patient with us students. They try to understand and help us to give the best that we know. Right now I can say that I'm fluent in English thanks to my teachers. I am so glad that I had so much nice teacher that supported me during that hard time of learning a new language that I didn't know anything about. I'm so happy about that and that gave me the motivation to continue learning languages. I now know six different languages and I'm willing to learn more as I continue my education and persuade my goals.
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The Nashua School District has been a great foundation for my education. I have had so many opportunities that other school districts do not offer. For example, Our high schools have CTE programs that allow students to take classes that are related to the career a student wants to take after high school. I am in the health sciences program, which is giving helping me the first steps to becoming a professional healthcare provider. The sports teams have also been a great opportunity for me to show me how to use teamwork to accomplish common goals. Lastly, the Nashua school district provides many essential clubs, such as HOSA to help and give back to the community.
Snow days were always bad. Called them when they shouldn't have. Nice teachers but some were very lazy.
Nashua High School South includes (in my opinion) the strongest CTE program of any of the other schools in the area. This program is shared with Nashua High School North.
The Nashua School district is great overall, there are a few things that could make it almost perfect. Unfortunately this school focuses too much on sports instead of clubs. You see football get thousands of dollars every year and the coaches also get compensated greatly, then if you take a look at the clubs they get very little to sometimes no funding, mentors and faculty running them usually don't get compensated. Also the food of the Nashua School District is very poor, you know it is poor when none of the staff gets the food there and most kids bag lunch. I know they have certain health restrictions to abide by the price of lunch keeps going up and the portion sizes are still small. Most kids that only get school lunches are still hungry after lunch which distracts them taking away from there education.
It was a great 12 years of schooling. I’m only thing would be to get better and more kid friendly cheerleading coaches at schools especially Nashua high north
I like that the Nashua School District offers many opportunities to students that have a wide perspective on school. Something that could be changed would be the college and career readiness. It should be more emphasized to students.
Nashua School District prepares many potential students for college. Teachers are always trying their best to bring out a student’s potential. School spirit is very well and lively during school events. However, the school doesn’t seem to care much to provide satisfactory food. Students are not very informed about how to prepare for college. Many dive in, not knowing what to expect until it’s too late.
The Nashua School District is very diverse and there are many college readiness programs offered. Students that would like to challenge themselves with AP or Dual Enrollment classes are able to. Some teachers and administration are good while some seem to not care about their students.
I loved the community, includes the teacher, students, athletics, and administration. We didn't have access to a of resources but enough to go by. We have the best CTE program, I think. The program gave you enough different classes to figure out if you wanted to go to college, and what you were going to major in.
The Nashua School District was very good for me. It certainly is not one of the more renowned school districts, as it doesn't have a staggering number of graduates going to 4 year colleges, but I believe it is very good and handling the diversity it has. Whether or not you want to go to college and be a doctor, or go to trade school and be an electrician the Nashua School District can help you, and actually give you a competitive advantage. The one part where it is lacking however, is in helping students find what path is right for them, but that is a very hard task and certainly one that very few school districts excel at.
My biggest complaint is administration. But the academics and other fields are pretty good. Aspen, the website the district uses is less than spectacular as well. Most teachers are good but there is a mix of less great teachers as well. There are never enough subs available.
I don't have a single complaint about this school district. Throughout my years of public school, I always had great teachers and made great friends. In the future, I'd like my children to attend schools in this district.
Academics and college readiness were average at both the high school. Clubs were poorly advertised and funded, unless it was related to athletics. Teachers were all very kind and overall caring of students and their education. There were lots of diversity at the schools which I was very grateful for. Sports and the Arts were very much supported here.
When answering this question, There is a lot I could say. I've lived in Nashua my whole life and have gone to the schools since Pre-K. I would say it has had a huge impact on my life. The teachers have been one of the best parts. I have formed many relationships with them and still today talk to most of them. The academics I have had have been very good. It's what have kept me going all this time.
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Grading chart is very odd, high school class is too easy due to having 4 classes a day with a 40 minute “eblock” which is pretty much a recess in a way. Teachers are great but the way the schools are run are a little weird.
Great schools I will graduate this year 2019, iam anxious to start my journey . Nashua school system were able to keep me safe in school with my severe food allergy, with scheduling my 504 meetings to make we are all on the same page with my allergies, Thank you to Nashua school edu.
Great District with lots of activities. The district has lots of great schools but not the best safety, there are a lot of activities that the parents could get involved in but, a lot of the parents never show up to them.
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