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Offers a rigorous academic program for kids willing to put in the extra effort. Not enough sports opportunities like intramurals to allow kids to try a new activity- really caters to kids playing a sport since grammer school.
Nashoba is a small, close-knit community full of supportive faculty and staff that develop close relationships with all students. It offers a better education than surrounding public school in a smaller, more controlled and relaxed environment.
Nashoba Public Schools overall offer average public educational services. Nashoba's elementary and middle-school educational experiences prepare students effectively for high school. All grade levels (K-12) offer what is considered a top-tier public education. Concerns arise that the district does not accommodate all extra-curriculars and areas of concern effectively. In many classes, specifically in High School A.P. and Honors level Courses, there are not enough textbooks for each student. Nashoba is a safe school district. Unfortunately, the district has a stark lack of cultural diversity, typical of a suburban Massachusetts school district. Administration directs students in a manner that is not always conducive of effective college preparation. Overall, at Nashoba students receive an above average education. The district has average facilities and is very safe, but the environment of the school, as explained, is not always effectively college preparatory and inclusive.
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My experience has been good. The teachers and staff are supporting and want to help. I would like to see an improvement in the athletic department with new coaching and facilities. Nashoba is open and welcoming to parents and students. I would also like to see more involvement throughout our surrounding communities and teachers.
It was ok, I guess. Admin wasn't focused on the students, just the teachers. But the English and History teachers are all amazing! And the labs all need serious upgrades and fixes, they are falling apart. Also the school is wayyyy too focused on sports and having the best equipment for their athletes while not focusing on the upkeep of the rest of the building.
Nashoba Regional schools has been a great choose for our son. It has prepared him for the next chapter of his life. The teachers are very involved with students and get to know each student. The school culture is amazing. Even though Nashoba High is regional it still feels like home. I've never worried about my child's safety in this school system. Overall a great school system.
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