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I’m currently a senior at RMHS and I have loved my four years here!! The teachers and staff are incredible and I especially recommend doing the IB program. You will meet students with the same ambition and also be highly prepared for college readiness.
I liked the focus on math and science and them making sure we had an excellent foundation in that subject. I disliked the teacher turnover and the inaction in making sure students had a good foundation in English.
I like that we have somethings that we can do that's freedom. I don't like the fact that we can't be ourselves. I totally understand that sometime you can't always do what you want but we shouldn't be treated like babies. We aren't allowed cell phones during the whole day. This should not be okay. We are made around technology, yes they offer computers but their internet never works. Then certain females can't wear certain this because, they are over weight or to thick. STILL NOT COOL. If you are going make a dress code then make sure when you see skinny girls or girls who are smaller then other, make sure they get dressed coded also. Then it's like everybody loves the people who play sports but they don't care about the people who work they butts off to become something. But nash-rocky mount schools are the best.
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My experience at Nash-Rocky Mount Schools has been great in every way, and most memorable my high school years. I have felt so much support from both the student body as well as my instructors, who were always there to provide me with support when I nedded the most.
I've had an amazing experience with Nash-Rocky Mount Schools. I have never had a problem with the school system.
I just started at Nash Community College, but overall have had a great experience!! Whenever I have emailed questions to either my professors, admissions, advisor etc. everyone has responded quickly and were always kind and helpful. I had missed orientation due to a family trip and went to the registrar office the following week to get everything set up for my classes. I did not know that on Fridays they closed early. Well, I literally drove 50 minutes and arrived five minutes before they closed, but an employee stayed fifteen minutes pass their shift to help me. They did so while being very helpful answering all my questions and making sure I was completely set up to start my classes. This kind helpfulness made me feel at ease and confident in selecting Nash Community College.
I have a younger brother and a niece who are going to be attending Schools within Nash-Rock Mount City schools. I have talked with some parents about what is the quality of educational and instructional time within the district and so far i have heard positive and uplifting responses about the amount of dedication teachers provide to ensure that their students succeed in both the classroom as well as in the real world.
As A graduate from a Nash-Rocky Mount Public School my overall experience was quite well. Being able to see the diversity and the different cultural backgrounds helped me be more understanding to peoples personalities and traits. As well as being able to ask my teachers for helped personally and being able to develop a great teacher student bond help me become better as a overall and towards the goal i was striving for.
I enjoyed the AVID programs that helped me prepare for my transition to Barton College. Even though my experience was great, I wish there were more chances to have a focus on a hobby that wasn't school related as a source of academic relief.
my experience with Nash Rocky mount school systems has overall been good. It is truly a good place to be at granted it has its ups and down but what high school doesn't? you will find a great amount of people to be with and some type of sports, club and or activity to be apart of. we are truly a system of hidden talents.
I have attended Nash-Rocky Mount Schools since I was in first grade. I have always had competent and compassionate teachers whose sole focus is creating a safe and nurturing environment focused on education. The Facilities of Nash-Rocky Mount schools are clean and in working order that allows teachers and students to reach the full potential of teaching and learning. The schools in Nash-Rocky Mount I have attended have always provided ample clubs and sporting activities that help facilitate the learning of life lessons. The diversity of Nash-Rocky Mount Schools allows for students to become well rounded and culturally sensitive students.
I have always liked NRMS as it is one of the top school districts in academic scoring. I currently attend a very great early college at a community college campus. NRMS just wants all students to succeed and follow their dreams.
My school experience has been a good one. I have enjoyed going to Nash Rocky Mount Schools from kindergarten to now a senior. All of my teachers have been knowledgeable, especially high school. I would recommend the school system to anyone. I have never had any trouble with bullying or other school safety issues. If there was ever a problem, the administration has handled it with the upmost respect and quality.
I love my high school. I have really had a chance to bond with my friends and most of my teachers. I have had an excellent, challenging education which will allow me to pursue my dreams and goals.
One thing that I liked about my school was that I was able to grow and mature as a person. My high school really opened my eyes on many things and I learned so much during my time there. I am grateful to have really amazing teachers that were always there to help any student they could to be the best.
Nash-Rocky Mount Public schools overall are pretty. They offer plenty of resources and opportunities. They are pretty good at preparing you for college.
I have grown up in this school district and I have to say that it may not be the absolute best out there but it is a great district to get your education and to learn how to grow up. With anything there are good and bad things but here the good outweighs the bad as long as you stick to the right people and make sure you are here for your education and further development as a person.
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Nash Rocky Mount schools overall experience has been good for me. This is the only school system that I have been in since I started school. The teachers are very helpful and supportive.
I have had a great experience with my school system. There's always someone there to listen when you have a problem with something and are usually very proactive about fixing the problem. The teachers within my school are always helpful regardless of if it's something school related or not. My coaches are absolutely amazing and I couldn't be more thankful.
Nash-Rocky Mount Schools has provided me with a solid education in order to get into college. During my time in the school system I was able to balance many clubs, sports, and other activities with my academics because of the understanding teachers and faculty that have been a part of this school system. While my experience has been primarily good, I do believe that part of this is because of my high learning level whereas students who are not in honors, AP, or AIG classes do not get presented the same opportunities. While our schools may not have the best funding, the teachers make the best out of it and work their hardest to help us learn. There is a large, expansive amount of diversity within the system. In my opinion, the most outstanding part of Nash-Rocky Mount Schools is the arts programs. Throughout all the different schools there are dance, theatre, music, and visual arts programs offered that provide a great amount of education to students who are willing to learn.
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