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I always felt very safe at Narragansett. I knew that if I ever had a problem, I had a litany of resources available to me. I do wish that the student body was more tolerant of minorities, but I place no blame whatsoever on the school for that.
I am a senior attending Narragansett High School and I joined 4 years ago because Narragansett offered FFA (future farmers of America). This is where I grew and learned how to weld, change oil and grow plants. The academics are preparing for college and are overall flexable you chose what you want to take. The best thing is they offer ag programs not like other schools in my area. Overall, my experience is based on me but im sure people would say the same
I spent four years at NHS, and I wouldn’t trade a single one for the world. The amount of school spirit and pride is more than you’d believe for such a small school. The athletic teams consistently perform well, it’s rare a year goes by where at least one team doesn’t win a championship. The clubs range from Future Farmers of America to Mock Trial, there’s so much to do. The teachers are absolutely amazing and will help a student with just about anything. I loved Narragansett High School.
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The teachers are the highlight in my opinion of this amazing community. They try their best to personalize lessons and give they all vie for more programs in their own subject that helps make it more fun and lifelong. They care about each student's life and try to make them successful by going out of their way.

The students are amazing. The stereotypical jocks are nice people in our school. Basically our school does not fit a stereotype. We are our own people and I have been welcomed and smiled at by everyone despite my situation at home being very bad. While I hated being at home, I loved being at school. They were my escape and life.

The food is not terrible. It has actually been getting better in quality. I guess it is based on opinion.

The arts, while could be funded more are tremendous quality with great vibes. They are well worth the try.
I have been in this school system since I was three and it has been a wild ride from start to finish. They truly appreciate their sports more than the arts, the school lunches are terrible, and the arts department needs funding. However, the school is in an amazing location, has a variety of clubs and after school activities that are very inclusive, and the teachers there are absolutely wonderful.
My four years at Narragansett High School have been nothing short of wonderful. I have experienced so much and have been grateful every step of the way.

However, my school is the second to last school on the chart of most diverse schools. I suppose you could say that most of my classmates are different from me. The majority of them are Caucasian, they all have two parents, and they are pretty well off in society. However, among these many individuals are a handful of people that are not as fortunate. Some only have a single parent, like me, or they live with their grandparents. Having atypical family arrangements was a natural concept to me, but a particular classmate helped me realize how grateful I was to have my Mom. Matthew Piedoux is our class valedictorian. News so personal that he could only share in a literacy memoir for college writing was how his biological mother was not on his side.
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