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Napoleon Community Schools Reviews

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New renovations to the high school make education fun. Staff are kind and care about your future and really want you to succeed. After school tutoring is available along with teacher willingness to help students during study hall.
Napoleon has a great education program considering its size and location. They have arguably the best band in the area, and have recently renovated their buildings including a brand new science wing, a new gymnasium, and a weight room
Napoleon is a very close knit community, with very small classes of about 90. I love that there are small class sizes so students can get the one on one they may need. I would also like to see more attention paid to students who are struggling mentally with school.
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This school is a the best high school of all time. I would never go to any other high school. This school is very small as there is under 100 kids in my grade. The only bad thing about this school is that there is very little diversity. I would have to say that about 95% of the student body is White/Caucasian.
Ezra Eby is amazing, all of the staff there are great. After the elementary level of education, the middle and high school are average on learning experience.
I like how connected our small community is. The school itself is smaller, but good overall. I also like the fact that the Napoleon schools prepare students for the future effectively by all ready prepping you for college from sophomore year. The two things I suggest need improvement with this district is the food and also the diversity.
Napoleon High School is an excellent school. As a senior this year, I can't wait for all of the events in store for me. Not only do they focus on the seniors but they focus on every single student. Our staff is amazing and very personal with the students. The co-principals, Mr. Patrick Dillon and Mr. Scott Ashe, are always on top of things. From compromising situations between rivaling students to helping a student find a tutor, they are always there to help us. Our school is involved heavily in the community holding many events. Napoleon High School is an amazing environment for high school students!
Napoleon is a small community that's very close-knit, that comes with its pros and cons, but I highly recommend joining band or a sport to get you involved.
This school has a great pride in community. There is a bullying problem as there is at most schools. The sports politics are absolutely horrible as the teachers and parents are the coaches so favorites are picked. Overall I enjoyed attending this school because of the community that surrounded it.
Many of the teachers care more about giving homework than actually teaching students. The school doesn't do a good job on letting career center students know about upcoming events and schedules. It's amazing how a community can come together when a sports team is doing well. Napoleon doesn't prepare kids for life after high school, which I think they should.
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