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Napoleon Area City School District Reviews

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Napoleon Area Schools is terrible. We close for unnecessary reasons and when we should close we don't. We have an administration staff that doesn't listen to students. We have a joke of an anti-bullying system. When kids try to go to them for help only Dr. Fogo actually tries to help them. The math department except for Mr. Bohls can't teach. The food is not cooked properly and we receive minuscule amounts of food. We aren't very accepting of other people. The guidance counselors don't help with anything college related. We basically have a cop a day at the school if not more because Mr. Wilde, our principal, calls them almost everyday. Basically all of the funds the school raises goes to the varsity football and varsity guys basketball. All other sports are basically ignored and get minimal funding from the school. There is an extreme lack of motivation in the staff and students. The thing I have learned for certain is that 2+2= fish/chair depending on who you talk to at the school.
I like how the teachers in this school district are passionate about what they teach. It is very noticeable that they care about their students and their desire to learn. I also appreciate the opportunities I get to be involved in my community and participate in athletics, clubs, and other extra-curricular organizations. However, what I would like to see change is a transition from the board and administration focusing on the "appeal" of the school, such as new buildings, technology and such, and rather on improving the academic and social opportunities for the school.
I have had an okay experience at Napoleon. There isn't a lot of diversity since Napoleon is such a small town, but there is a lot of strength in the community. I enjoy the teachers at Napoleon and the atmosphere they create. I would like to see change when it comes to administration and all the restrictions they pose on the student body.
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I like Napoleon. However, they are a strongly sports oriented culture. I would love to see more appreciation of the arts in terms of funding, recognition, etc.
Napoleon city schools is one of the biggest school districts in Northwest Ohio. Every graduating class averaging around 200 students per year. Napoleon is very big on sports, mainly football and basketball. They also have a baseball and softball teams, soccer, swimming, diving, bowling, cheerleading, and tennis. The staff and faculty are great with parent involvement in the child's education being a main focus.
Napoleon High School is a small town school, that eventually everyone who goes to school in Napoleon goes to. I generally like going to school there, there are many nice people and we have some great teachers. I wish that the dress code was not as strict, if it was a bit looser that would be greatly appreciated. The Students as a whole want to be able to wear sweats pants any day of the week without having to pay a dollar to wear them on some Fridays.
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