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Naperville Community Unit School District No. 203 Reviews

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Overall the educational aspect is amazing the curriculum is great. However, the way it is applied could be improved. Students can learn better with variety rather than lecturing most of the time.
In this school district we have so many resources available to us; Chromebooks, libraries, tech help and many databases. The majority of teachers at my high school are also high quality and the academics are quite challenging and csn be rewarding as well. This district really prepares you for college.
Naperville District 203 is one of the best school districts in Illinois. I would get rid of the SAT mandate. I think that if you already took the SAT, you should not have to take it again.
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Great school. Big emphasis on football. School allow kids to transfer in who do not live in area just so they can win
More preparation for SAT's and an opportunity to take the ACT at the school.
Better options for Math classes. Also, the fees to register have increased a lot each year. SchoolBucks lunch account charges a fee each time you add funds to your account.
Teachers are very supportive of students. I feel the schools prepare the students to succeed in college and life.
everyone is pretty nice it’s not hard to make friends in school but it is pretty hard to keep friends when school lets out
I would like for the school district administration to be more open to hearing the opinions and ideas of students and school faculty.
Attending school in District 203 provided me with endless academic and extracurricular opportunities that I would not be able to find in any other district. However, I wish there was more attention on the mental and emotional aspects of my fellow students.
Academics are amazing. Naperville Central is your typical highschool that is recognized for both sports and academics. If you are a student at this school you would absolutely love it the environment is amazing.
It is one of the best public schools in Illinois with very experienced and dedicated teachers, hard-working students and supportive parents. The lab facilities are modern.
The education and services provided by District 203 is truly phenomenal. The administration is willing to help students with any problems they have in both their academic and personal lives. There are all kinds of clubs for every type of special interest a student may have. Overall, District 203 is a fantastic school district filled with all sorts of opportunities students can take advantage of in order to thrive.
I think the schools are wonderful, and overall, I know many people who are extremely satisfied. However, as a student who transferred from Naperville Central to Naperville North for sophomore year, I saw some sides of the administration that were not as supportive or understanding as expected. I was told to go see person after person until finally I figured out how to start the transfer process on my own. It took me from October of 2016 to May of 2017 to get the transfer approved, despite the fact that I had gone to my counselor near the beginning of the year to tell her I was miserable. I love being at Naperville North, and the district as a whole is wonderful, I just wish that there had been a little more understanding and support for people like me who were really struggling.
The academic intensity of the high school I attended was enough to make sure I am one of the most college-ready students at my current university. The majority of teachers really care about students and about mental health and there are just so many opportunities and clubs that students can join or start.
I have really enjoyed how diverse the community of 203 is. I wish that they would allow for some more challenging courses and better teachers in some areas.
This school district was amazing for the top learners. Top notch school with resources galore. Biggest downfall is the over bearing rules in the hallways and at lunch. Made school feel like jail. Student were treated like little children and not young adults .
The people are very friendly, the school is great, and they offer a lot of clubs and activities. The only thing that is slightly wrong is that it could use some upgrades. They also have classes outside, when there is space in the building.
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I would not trade my experience in District 203 schools for anything. From attending Elmwood Elementary, Lincoln Jr. High, and finally to Naperville Central High School. I truly feel like the staff has only my best interests in mind in terms of clubs, activities, sports, academies, and the college process. Staff will bend over backwards to help me achieve. The facilities are amazing with brand new renovations and it is always being updated.
Awesome school and teachers. Even though it has over 3000 kids it still feels like a small school. Academics areindividualized and help is always available. My son has thrived at this school and has been accepted into a four year college.
Hopefully, one day schools will realize how important real food is to education. Would love to see all the chemicals in the foods they sell turn to real non processed food.
School district 203’s Mission is to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors.
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