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I have been in the Napa Valley Unified School district throughout elementary, middle, high school, and college. Overall, I have had a pretty decent time other than in high school I did not feel that my test-taking skills were up to par for college. I struggled a bit initially with quizzes and exams in college, but with practice, I got better.
I’ve been going to school in the NVUSD and my experience has been a good one. Like most public schools we need more resources and money to keep the good teachers.
The current curriculum at Napa Valley Unified School District, although sufficient, is very generalized and for the most part, categorizes students into clumps of certain attributes instead of promoting individualization and embracing everyone's strengths and weaknesses.
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They make you feel at home. Day-by-day the faculty and staff ensure the safety of the students, which they always do in a very well manner. On top of that, the teachers are very caring of their students. They will go above and beyond to ensure that their students are receiving all of the possible resources that may potentially help them to academic success.
Great place to live and great place to go to school. My elementary, middle, and high school experiences have all been good.
I think we need to improve our school culture and focus on providing more mental health resources. I think overall our schools and the school district is good. I wish they focused on social and emotional learning and that there was a late start. I think our sports are good, and I wish more students were involved in clubs and school spirit. The AP classes are good, but I haven't felt as prepared for the exams. I think the teachers are good and care about their students. I wish our school taught us life skills to help us prepare for college.
Teachers know and care about their students, close-knit community, located in the beautiful Napa Valley! lovely environment and social milieu.
I have been a student apart of the NVUSD since kindergarten and throughout my entire experience, I have never have felt such acceptance and care. Each teacher is selected with the student's best interest in mind and that shows in all schools. They have countless opportunities to become involved in your school and with your community through clubs, activities, sports, and arts. While all of these things are important to NVUSD, they know that education is most vital and they make sure to put that before anything else.
Napa Valley School District schools have very good facilities, however the teachers get paid a lot but don't put in the care in how they teach. Many of the teachers get away with things that they shouldn't. I really hope to see an increase of college attendance after high school and the support for students in financial need. More educational support for the hispanic community is essential for integration and involvement within Napa County. The curriculums within the schools are really good and they teach many Ag related classes, which is a good fit for the county as a whole. My school benefitted extremely from FFA and other similar programs.
At first my high school experience was quiet and uninterrupted but in the recent years the school district has began to come for students and treat them disrespectfully and unjust.
Napa Valley College is very modern campus with great academics. This a perfect school for students who are trying to save money on tuition. This school has all the tools you need to be ready to transfer or earn an associates degree. Overall Napa Valley College is a wonderful school and offers a great foundation to start a career.
The environment is excellent and they have a good special education program. They teach them Spanish and English to raise them bilingual. That's good for their future.
it would be nice to see a wider array of choices regarding clubs and activities sponsored or offered by the schools. at one point archery and fencing were offered and i happen to know that much of the tools and resources are simply gathering dust in storage.
I like that the teachers are very helpful and kind. I have yet to encounter a teacher that doesn't care about their students. Their budget seemed to have some money "disappear" which resulted in having to cut back on even more school programs.
I believe that our administration is very adept in how to manage students and ensure they are able to receive the education we deserve. However, with recent political events involving school shootings, our constitutional right to organize and protest peacefully was turned into a child's game. Other than the suppression of our opinions, we are being granted the education we deserve.
This school district would not be what it is today without the people staffing it, especially those at Napa High School. The faculty at Napa high will always greet you with a smile and ask how your day is going, which may seem simple but has made me feel better on a rough day. I've heard from friends at other High Schools in the Napa Valley Unified School District that their faculty is also very genuine and nice, making both of our respective school environments feel safe and comfortable. I am incredibly grateful to have grown up in an area with such a great educational community that is the NVUSD.
There is a wonderfully sense of community here in Napa/American Canyon. There are so many clubs, sports and programs that teachers and staff encourage us to join. Not once did I experience heavy bullying or witnessed it to the extent where it required serious attention from adults.
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Since switching Superintendents, the District has stopped working for the students and teachers and started working for newspaper headlines and money; losing the fundamental reason of a school district.
Great overall experience. Got the pleasure to spend seven years with Mike Pearson as a school principal, and was honestly grand. Now I have returned as a mentor for students in the Legacy youth project.
I enjoy attending school here in the Napa Valley. The only negative would be the lack of diversity as compared to our neighboring school district.
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