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I enjoy the many opportunities that nanuet provides its students. We recently renovated the high and middle school librarys and we received new smartboards in every room. Most of the teachers are friendly, nice, and helpful and a large verity of courses and clubs are available.
Nanuet Union Free School District offers excellent academics and teachers. However, social activities are very much in a clique.
The diversity of the student body offered me a larger view of the world. The academic standards are top notch. The principal of the school creates a culture of learning and enthusiasm. It's been a great experience for me.
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The music department is all around excellent in orchestra, band and chorus. The teachers are great and are always willing to assist students in need of extra help. There is a variety of clubs and after school activities to join.
Teachers don’t teach put money towards unnecessary stuff does not prep you for college redoing the school when we need air conditioning and new sports uniforms
dedicated staff that is eager to help and genuinely want to see people excel and do amazing things. after school extracurricular activites such as sports and other clubs provide a sense of community among students and educators/coaches. the teachers are involved in the lessons and the class sizes are small
I liked how the teachers and faculty always cared about the wellbeing of the student and wanted the student to truly learn.
Good school, I attended this school for my senior year and I had a good time, as any other school, there are good and bad teachers.
I like that it’s a small district because the teachers are able to give each student the attention that’s needed to help us have a successful school year.
Nanuet has a lot of great teachers that make learning much more fun. They teach each lesson and make things interesting. Everyone is treated with respect and it's a great environment.
I am a very happy and proud older sibling of a younger brother who is a sophomore at Nanuet High School, which is one of the schools in the Nanuet Union Free School district. His school is a National Blue Ribbon School of excellence due to its excellent academic and sports programs along with very friendly, supportive and dedicated teachers, coaches and a wide array of staff. He was even able to leave special education classes and pursue honors classes, which the school has a wide array of. They have an excellent anti-bullying awareness campaign and with that being said, the kids there are known to be very accepting and tolerant of others despite their differences. As a sibling who always wanted to attend this particular school district, I couldn't be any happier and ecstatic. I feel that at the Nanuet School District, the kids can truly shine, thrive and be the best selves that they can be.
As an alumna of nanuet senior high school and having only have attended for my senior year I have never witnessed such disarray within an academic building. Having attended Pearl River High School, a true and deserving Blue Ribbon winner, the comparison between the two is comical. The teachers do not seem to care for their students academic achievement, students are passed through grade to grade regardless of their grades. So how this district won a Blue Ribbon is beyond me. Most disturbing of all is the administrations lack of action and enforcement of policy in regards to bullying and fighting ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. "Dr." Carella does not have a backbone and cowers away from his responiblies to his students and their parents. You would hope that administrators would have their students safety has an utmost importance. Not here. Absolutely deplorable behavior is fully accepted and allowed in this district. The principal is completely incompetent.
My main problem is the bullying and lack of safety that goes unchallenged by this administration. It seems that school violence distributed online has no repercussions. The message to the kids is runs through the halls at will. Fists today, knives tomorrow. What a disappointment. Blue Ribbon??? Certainly not for safety and administration.
Best teachers and staff. No bullying at all. Many opportunities in any area your child wants. Peaceful atmosphere for kids and parents.
It's a small district so the teachers and staff are able to get to know the students personally and help students individually.
The academics were impeccable, the teachers always pushing their hardest to make sure the students could do their best. Personally, I loved each and every one of my teachers, and it was quite easy to make friends too. I was involved in theater, the GSA and the tennis team all while maintaining a good GPA. Nanuet is an amazing district, recently winning an award for my graduating class being the biggest class in years to have ninety-eight percent of graduates move onto college. If you want to succeed, go to Nanuet.
The Nanuet Union Free School District is the best educational experience I've had so far. I came to Nanuet for 6th grade after moving from the Bronx. When I entered A. Macarthur Barr Middle School, it was extremely easy to find my way around. I had very caring teachers, my guidance councilor found activities for me, and I was able to grow because of the supporting staff. After my moving up ceremony from A. Macarthur Barr, I had no clue what to expect from high school. When starting 9th grade at Nanuet Senior High school, I was blown away. I was able to improve on my academics while having more freedom as a young adult. Because of my school, I was accepted into Rockland Boces Career and Technical Education Program which helped me find my niche for Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. This lead to numerous outlets such as SkillsUSA, Prostart, and National Technical Honor Society. I'm proud to say that I'll soon be a Nanuet Union Free School District graduate.
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