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Nantucket High is a very small school I personally like it because everyone knows each other and we we feel more comfortable around each other. One thing i would like to see change would be more field trips and college trips
Throughout my 4 years at Nantucket High School, I have seen the school committee work hard at providing a way to keep our school safe and to promote upgrades to our campus and technology. We have all been give the best education with many challenging college courses and lots of opportunities to stand out.
I like teachers and administrators at the schools - the one thing I would change is more emphasis on diversity - supporting each other more. I also think that we should be required to meet with our student advisors/guidance at least 5 times a year in high school..
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One thing I enjoyed about Nantucket Public Schooling was the community. On such a small island, it is easy to become involved within your community; big or small. Although I enrolled in Nantucket High School my senior year, it was quite the experience. There is tons of diversity, and the academic integrity is prominent.
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