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Having been in the Nampa School District, I have had the unique opportunities to have been a member of the Columbia STEM Academy (CSA). The Columbia STEM Academy acts like a school inside a school, allowing a unique way of learning to provide an advanced high school career. Participating in this will allow me to get a STEM accredited diploma, which prepares me even more for the future.
One thing I enjoyed about my school is how much it's involved with the arts. If I hadn't of come to this school I most likely wouldn't of reached the potential in the arts that I am now. The teachers that work here are fantastic, they always went out of there way to help me.
I attend Liberty Charter School and have found it to be s great experience. The teachers go out of their way to ensure every student understands the material and has the best possible chance of success. The environment is friendly, and the classes engaging.
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I've been a student within the Nampa school district for most of my academic career. The teachers are average for a public school; most are poor to decent in their teaching abilities, with the occasional skilled outlier. Class sizes are large, but average for public schools.
I enjoyed the Nampa School District because they help you get ready for college or even in the real world. They helped me achieve my goals and that's what made me love it. The teachers are kind with lots of love. The administration is always on top of things to keep the school safe and especially events and activities. Sports are a big factor of the district because everyone is always in school spirit and friends and family come out and enjoy every moment of there teams games. School are always kept clean and organized with help all around especially when it is needed sad or mad.
My experience is good, because some teacher can relate to the students and understand that we have problems outside of school, I would change the our resources, we don't have many textbooks, calculator, and est.
We have some great teachers and programs designed to help students, and we have great school spirit that shows in our assemblies, our student section at sports games, and our achievements in our academics and organizations. One thing I think could be changed is a little stronger enforcement of the school’s codes.
The district lends itself to be more Hispanic due to the area having more agriculture. This was at times difficult as being excluded from social circles was often quite the norm. I liked most of the teachers at Nampa High.
While I was attending Columbia High School and Nampa High School during 2016-2019, I had a few rough bumps and quite a few great paths come along the way. I have had many rude encounters with staff, parents of students, and traumatic events happen to me while attending these schools. However, I built friendships with multiple teachers that I will admire for the rest of my life. I'm extremely grateful to have met such inspiring individuals that helped me grow into the woman I am today. I'm thankful for my school counselor for helping be able to graduate a year early, without his guidance I wouldn't be where I am today. I believe that teachers and staff that TRULY care about students are what drives us to want to learn and to succeed later in life.
The education provided is great, I just feel the campuses need some cleaning and the students need to be held more accountable with that as well.
Good school district. Helps students learn, grow and prepare for college and real life experiences in the world.
The Nampa School District offers a very diverse community. However, not a lot of focus is placed upon academic excellence.
Amazing! I have always loved being a student in the Nampa School District! Everyone is very nice, and I don't regret a single thing about choosing Nampa School District!
I love the Nampa school district but I believe that if the staff took more time in the classroom and created genuine relational and personal relationships it would be even better.
I like that they provide every high school with a device which prepares them how to work digitally in college. Their staff are friendly and care for each and every student.
Good schools for the most part. However, the new grading system set to be put in place the next year or two is horrible. Basically gives students who do NOTHING, at least 50%.
I like how there are many different types of classes I can take according to my interests. There are many things they give to help with making my studies easier. For instance, They give us laptops and give us access to many different things and programs.
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The Nampa School District has a fun and quickly growing education system. Its great for students who are interested in STEM, Agriculture, advance placement, and plenty of other fields. Depending on the pathways they take, students an get experience in Career Technical Pathways, Education and childhood development, and much more. Some students are able to graduate with a full year of college under their belt with an AP capstone diploma or STEM diploma. The only thing that can be difficult, is with this diversity there is a lot of scheduling conflicts that can arise, making it hard for students to always get the classes that they want or need. But the staff is always trying their best to help.
I would like to see more teacher involvement in making sure students are sufficiently prepared for college. Taking courses that are poorly "preparing" us for the real world is a real set-back and disappointment.
This year, the Nampa School District has implemented new use of technology in a way that aids their students by making it easier to learn and to grow in personal learning. The teachers of the Nampa School District are excited about the subjects they teach and give that love of learning to their students. The Nampa School District office, while being small in size, is efficient in helping you figure out what you are struggling with and they are always quick to respond to questions via e-mail or telephone. I love the Nampa School District!
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