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Nacogdoches Independent School District Reviews

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I love the school and the area. NHS is great school and the facility.
NHS help me with everything I need to graduate from the schools.
I have played baseball all my four year and it help me stay in focus
to study and play baseball in college at next level.
I loved my experience at Nacogdoches High School. The selection of classes and extra curricular activities is great! Every student can find the niche! I will leave NHS with great memories
What I like about the Nacogdoches Independent school district is that the administration works together to make students feel welcomed and safe. One thing that I would like changed is the school spirit from the students and some teachers.
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The teachers that assisted me towards graduating were very influential. They provided the necessary knowledge I needed to progress my education further to a college institution.
I’d like to see the administration more invested in the students. There’s too much negativity in that department and it effects the students altogether. That needs to change so they can focus on the students needs first.
My experience at Nacogdoches High School has been a decent one. The current state of the school however is not good. The teachers are treated as children and the students are treated as children also. It does not feel like they are preparing us for the college experience.
What I like about the Nacogdoches school district is that it allowed me to apply myself in college level classes. However it could improve by causing a better environment for students and teachers.
I enjoy the environment if Nacogdoches ISD but the one thing I would change is the schedules and the way the school board manages things. The principal is constantly changing the school schedule and it is really inconvenient.
What I liked about Nacogdoches Independent School District is that everyone is so nice and all teachers care about your education, and counselors help you with any questions about college and even give you information and advice on what to do after high school.
It’s good I appreciated the care the staff seemed to have for me. They dedocated their time and energy to help me succeed in my life And my academic dreams
Nacogdoches ISD does not prepare the large majority of its students for college. On the teacher aspect, you either get a really good teacher, or a completely incompetent one. Some of the teachers there have completely impacted the way I see the world, while others have never actually taught a day in their lives. The administration, with very few exceptions, are awful, creating arbitrary rules and bullying the teachers. It is not uncommon to fins a teacher crying in their room. If you have a good counselor, like I have, then resources are relatively good, but if you get stuck with a bad one all you can do is pray.
I would have to say that Nacogdoches Independent School District is the best district to attend school.
The teachers at NHS are phenomenal, however the new administration that was put into place in the 2016-2017 school year is micromanaging teachers and creating a hostile environment for them to teach in. Because of this, approximately half of the staff is leaving, and there will be many new and unexperienced teachers for the upcoming school year. The students are being influenced by the administration as well, and NHS has been likened to a prison more times than I can count.
The thing I like about Nacogdoches High School are the teacher and the staff, they do a good job of teaching and making sure students have the right material to make them successful academically. What I would like to see is the change of the students attitude toward school and education.
Overall, the Nacogdoches Independent School District has provided a great education for its students. The teachers seem completely devoted to their students and there are many opportunities for students of all types to pursue their goals. The only aspect that has room for improvement is where the funding goes. Perhaps more could go into the academics, rather than into sports.
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