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Myrtle Point School District Reviews

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I like the availability to take college classes while still in High School. I also love that I can take these classes online or on the college campus. I would change the availability of teacher to have more one on one time with teachers. I would also like to see more college classes offered for students.
There are college classes that you can take and we have a medical terminology class that counts as college credits.
The Myrtle Point School District is small and lacks nearly all resources. It is poorly directed by administers, a majority of students have trouble learning due to the structure of the classes, and the positivity of both the students and staff is particularly lacking.
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I had one or two teachers who made me think. MP High students could benefit from programs geared towards trades that focus on employment skills and classes like home economics for everyday, real world, living. And, advanced skills training for those students who are college bound.
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