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I really enjoyed my years at Mustang Public Schools. They put heavy focus on academics while still being involved in athletics. Schools felt very safe as well.
Good selection of classes, clubs, or sports to fit anyone, and most are very flexible for schedules. However, it is pretty crowded
I graduated from Mustang Public Schools in 2016. I grew up in this school system and have a lot of great memories. The majority of the staff is super sweet and helpful. I had a lot of opportunities to excel in my academic career.
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Mustang Public Schools is a wonderful district, I have attend there my whole high school career. There was many options for clubs and sports. It is very easy to start a club, if the one you like is not available yet. Mustang is constantly growing and creating more schools. The high is getting a new science building, which will be great for the upper science classes. Overall, Mustang is a great school and I am happy I was able to spend my experience there.
I loved the environment, it was like a family gathering everyday! Everyone was always talking about their lives to each other, they would all listen, and work out problems with each other.
I came from a private school in Tulsa. Mustang was okay in 9th grade, I liked the freedom and small town feeling it gave but things got progressively worse. I'm a junior right now and this year has been the worst year of my life. The curriculum isn't great nor challenging but the teachers are horrible. I've talked to the office and principles about it but they never do anything but "monitor" even if multiple people report. If I cant switch out of certain classes this semester, I might not be here next spring. They also spend lots of money on new things but the actual high school has lots of problems from the bathroom stalls not having locks to the sewage smell in J hall that has been broken as long as i have been here. There are some amazing faculty and teachers but if you don't get them, you will get the worst.
My family has been attending Mustang Public Schools for as long as I have memory of it, so my opinion might be biased. In high school the AP teachers actually care about you're learning and that you are there for a reason. The principals go out of their way to learn names and be friendly. The student body is very inviting with plenty of groups and activities to be involved in.
Being a student at Mustang Public Schools has been a very pleasant experience for me. I’ve only had amazing, helpful teachers throughout the 5 years I’ve lived here. Many clubs are offered here, two of which I participate in are Key Club, a community service program, and Archery Club. Although the food provided for lunch isn’t the best I’ve ever had, they offer other food through vending machines and a food cart run by students. The only thing I want to see change is pay for teachers. All of the teachers at Mustang work extremely hard for students but get a small salary in return. They deserve more recognition and reward for what they do for all of us students.
Mustang is a very good school. The teachers really care and want what is best for you. The facility is very well kept. The Technology such as computer labs. laptops and the library are very useful. The staff is always willing to help. The number of clubs and organizations is amazing. Student involvement is one of many things mustang excels at. One thing about the mustang public school that I do not agree with is the desire to build new buildings when the old buildings we have still need updates and repairs.
You have to watch the special education staff because they will lie to you,specifically the lady over special education. If you read your rights as a parent you stand a chance. One board member controls parents comments on the Mustang public schools parents forum on Facebook group he has full control over what’s erased and what stays. Strange it isnt ran by several parents. it’s a matter of time before a lawsuit happens.
Mustang Public Schools is full of great schools. From each of the elementary schools to the intermediate schools and middle schools to the High School. The teachers care about each of the kids and keep the school safe. The rules are fair and just and keep the school very safe.
Mustang high school has some of the beast teachers however that student population is way to high. My graduating class is 950 students and we have 32 kids in one classroom .
Overall I enjoyed going to and graduating from mustang high school. Some things I didn’t like were how they in forced rules. They were very inconsistent in the dress code and giving punishments to students for things they have done. They also were inconsistent in their athletics program. Football was always the main priority and got all of the money and resources, and as being someone on the swim team which didn’t even have a pool we always felt unwanted and no one cared what we did. Which we went to state every year and no one would ever know.
They have a very nice variety of clubs and have a very good way of making people feel included in the school. Although it is a big school I have never once felt out of place there.
Mustang High School is a place of education. It’s actually a place where each student can further their focus and grow. Mustang has built their foundation on many pillars that regulate behavior, grades, and goals of students.
I enjoyed my high school experience for the most part. I went to a school that focused heavily on athletics rather than giving attention or aid to the arts that so many students dedicated their lives to. All in all, it feels like the typical experience.
Mustang Public Schools offers an unmatched quality in courses. Any class imaginable is offered. However, because the schools are so populated, focus is not given to individual students, letting some slip through the cracks.
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The AP classes and teachers are great as well as the students in the classes. Mustang sports are also fun to watch and attend.
In this school district the students are faced with more challenges than one would expect. The Schools are extremely under-funded and the teachers cant teach with the utensils given to them. The good teachers that are left have to fight for a better education for the students and it should just be given to them.
Okay education but so many teachers doing bad things and have no money to the arts. I was in band and got no money from the district. There is very little student parking and will sticker windows so big you can’t see out of that you can’t get off if you don’t pay a $30 fee to park there.
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