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I would like to see more teachers that are there to teach. So many teachers are not at the schools to teach the kids, they don’t care at all. And the security in these schools are horrible. Mostly all of this referring to Muskogee high school.
Muskogee offers a pretty average Oklahoma education. It's not the best, but I've gained a lot of important knowledge just from the experiences I have had with the staff and students. There is plenty of room for improvement, and I hope to see things change when I revisit. As of now, I think money is tight in Oklahoma, and the school system is in shambles because of the government. In order to change things, not only for Muskogee but the entirety of the state, we need leaders to start fighting for the results they want to see.
I go to Sadler Arts Academy and there isn't much I would change about the school. They have prepared me for High School and I enjoy my classes each day.
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I like the teachers who really care for their students and put in the time to teach to everyone and help us prepare for college. As a change , I’d like to see all the teachers do this as some teachers don’t even teach the subjects at Muskogee High. There’s teacher that are not willing to give the time to help their students succeed.
The school system sucks most the time. There are a couple good schools but most have problem with bulling and the way the district deals with it is not strict enough. In a lot of the elementary the bullies will get little to no punishment.
MPS overs one of the best educations in the state. They offer many of the best teachers, and best opportunities.
I disliked the avenues or lack thereof when students get injured or sick and can’t be in the classroom physically! The overseers Of alternative classroom time needs big improvements. I will say the New Administration That came in 2017 was a lot better
The overall district isn't terrible. There are minor issues such as administration not being on the same page and information students need in order to succeed isn't relayed.
I have received a good education. Class choices are great. Administrators really do care. Student safety is a priority. The opportunity to get involved is all around. Team spirit is high.
I liked how diverse muskogee's high school is, but I would like to see them improve on college readiness and school activities.
Muskogee has great AP/honors academic teachers and great diversity. I would like to see the administration focus more on making the students feel accepted and respected by, not only the teachers, but by other students as well. As far as the regular classes go, they need to work on their college readiness preparation. Sports are an important part of high school. I would love to see all Muskogee sports get the same amount of attention and funding as the rest. Despite some of the school's flaws, I had an overall good experience at MHS.
I went to BFSA K-3, homeschool, Pershing 5th-6th, BFSA again 7th, and am now homechooled once more. I'm a junior now, concurrently enrolled at CSC. BFSA was safer and the students were what you would call good. Most were concerned with grades and not involved in bad activities. Most teachers cared about the students and would go out of their way to help out. At Pershing, it seemed a lot more lax, there were more kids involved with drugs and bad things, not as many were grade-concerned. Those that were, though, had many opportunities to further that, more so than I've seen anywhere else. GT, choir, KQLT, varying clubs, active participation in making anti-drug videos, opportunities to go to camps, lots of things. Overall decent schools.
Because of its size it has alot to offer - sports, band, choir, ag, technology. You have alot of choices.
I love learning here, it is a pretty safe environment and I’m proud to be a rougher. I have gone to MPS my entire school career and I have loved it.
Muskogee Public Schools are good schools, we have low funding but at this point I think that's every school. The high school where I attend has many different clubs, awesome teachers, and good academics.
Rude students and teachers who cuss at kids and call then slam names. They break up fights and kids end up getting hurt
I personally appreciate the four years I have spent at Muskogee High School. As an AP student I have encountered many opportunities to adequately prepare myself for college. Not only is the college and career counselor extremely helpful in providing important information and encouraging students through tedious applications, but she is also genuine in making sure that every student has an opportunity to further their education through any circumstance.
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I really enjoy my school especially the AP or college classes they offer I think it a big advantage. I would like to see more of those classes.
I would like more involvement not only with the students, but the parents and teachers as well. Therefore, overall, everything is great at Muskogee High School.
I enjoyed my experience overall. There were some parts that were not the most favorable, but in the end I would not have wanted to leave the school. Once you find your group here, then you will enjoy and make the most of your time.
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