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Muskegon public school may have a lot of bad reviews but I was well prepared for college and when you think of primary education, that's the whole point. I did, however, take a lot of honor classes and AP class in high school helped me throughout college.
Muskegon Public Schools is a great place to be. They offer diversity and great education. Our sports teams are amazing and so is our bands. This year, our football team won the State Championship.
What I like about Muskegon Public School is that we have a big diversity. I like coming to school and seeing different races coming together and smiling. Most schools in Muskegon doesn’t have that. Also the Muskegon High School football team is phenomenal. They are the most talked about team in the city of Muskegon. I love when they play because the players put all their hard work and dedication on to the field. Also the Marching Band is know for fantastic work; they work just as hard as they football players. Muskegon Public School is great with academics too. Class of 2018 has the some of the smartest people of because of the help from the wonderful teachers.
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My experience so far at MHS has been great! A few issues with A teacher and a few students, but overall very good. Very few distributions during class time and plenty of help when needed.
I enjoyed attending Muskegon Public School. When I went to school elementary, middle school, high school i felt safe and I sense that my teachers really cared about how I did academically and personally. Class of 1994. The school was very diverse and I learn a lot about various culture. I like how the school accommodated the physical impaired as well as the blind.
I have been attending Muskegon High School since my freshman year and I cannot say that I have fully enjoyed my stay. Most of that rooting from the factors of us not having proper funding from the actual city in itself. The best way for it to be better in my eyes is to simply just be funded more and have better administration.
The sense of big red pride is evident around Muskegon Public Schools. We are a school districts full of big reds. However, there are a few areas for improvement. As a student, I wish we had more clubs and organizations to join. I also wish we had more resources for students as far as having a network of adults that work with things other than academics.
Honestly very poor, they gave me all lower classes than what I should have been, bumping me down 2 years! The students aren't as bad as every thinks, but there can still be trouble. The assistant principle does almost no help to the school's students at all seeing as she uses a system of favoritism. The bathrooms are low quality with most not even having stall doors. Most staff is awesome but there are some, mean and snappy people. The classes that are offered are very limited and there aren't many options. It doesn't seem that anybody but teachers are looking to make things better for the students.
Its A Good School, lots of good teachers and you can get a very good education. I've had a great experience here. The only problem I have is how much people think it's a bad school when it really isn't.
We are a school of esteemed pride and diligence. With nearly 100 years since its construction, there have been hundreds of graduates that have set forth,and in their ensuing years, dominated the work force, as well as accomplished their aspirations. Muskegon high faces a large variety of challenges, which we must all come together to fight. Constantly, we are targeted as a low-budget and violence-ridden school, which causes outsiders to form an immense amount of prejudice against us. In this, I simply ask that you dig deeper than the obscenities etched on the surface of our backs. I can never compare my experience to the bigotry and bias placed on my ethnic peers, however I will do whatever I can to lift the weight of it from their shoulders. Despite the odds against us, our school has continued to live up to its heritage, and I am very proud to be an upcoming graduate to such an amazing family.
My experience at Muskegon has been excellent.Ive learned so much and hope to learn more. It is a school full of tradition that I hope will continue.
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