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Muskego-Norway School District Reviews

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Most of the teachers are very professional and helpful if a student has questions. The school also has great facilities.
This is my fourth year in this district, and I have absolutely loved every second of it. I was very nervous coming from a small private school, but the faculty at the high school made my transition so much easier that I could have ever imagined.
Great district! We have 3 children in the district that love their teachers and schools. Great curriculum and co-curricular programming.
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Overall, Muskego is a wonderful district and they really do their best to make sure you are ready for college and what comes after high school. The only reason you wouldn’t be is if you don’t care, so there really isn’t much of an excuse. My biggest complaint would be many of the students themselves, which I hope the administration tries to fix this problem in the future. Many students, largely due to Muskego itself being a very suburban, very white, very upper-middle-class, are racist, sexist, queerphobic, etc. However, many of the teachers are not, and are a really great resource for help academically, but also emotionally when having to deal with the aforementioned students.
I don't think that this school has a lot of diversity however, some of the teachers can be very helpful in class while others are not the best at their job.
The Muskego-Norway School District is a very good district and I am very happy with the high school education I received here.
I transferred to this Muskego in 6th grade because they have an outstanding music program. I have been able to be a part of some amazing shows and had once in a life time opportunities with the high school choir. Not only is their music program amazing they offer a wide variety of courses to keep students engaged.
Muskego-Norway has prepared me with the confidence I need to go to College after High School. The classes are challenging and rewarding at the same time. The Teachers and Staff Members have all students best interest at hand.
I went to Muskego High School for four years. I had a very good experience at Muskego. I was involved in volleyball for all four years and I was apart of weight club, Psych club, Ecology club, National Honor Society, and National Business Honor Society. I always felt encouraged and empowered by my teachers and other students. There always seemed to always be someone there for you no matter what, whether it be with academics or extracurricular. I always felt challenged in academics which has helped me a lot in college.
My overall experience with Muskego-Norway School District has been okay. I have been quite successful with my overall school career. I really enjoy the extra curricular activities and the staff at Muskego High School. However, some of the teachers (especially in middle school) have not been the greatest teachers. I also do not agree with the new middle school standard scores out of 5. I really prefer the percentage system used in the high school. Also the school systems spend too much money on sports teams instead of fixing the school facilities. The school district may need some more work to do, but overall I will look back from my years at Muskego and think fondly of the experiences that have made me the student I am today.
Great academic options, although I am sad to say not much emphasis is placed on vocational/trade classes. It is assumed everyone is going to college, not necessarily that some would be better suited for a trade or smaller school.
I grew up as a student in the Muskego-Norway School District. I loved the experiences, both as a student belonging to several clubs and an athlete playing several sports. After graduation, I moved away for several years. When I settled down and began my family, I only considered one district to educated them. You guessed it, Muskego-Norway School District. I'm pleased to say my children have enjoyed this district as much as I have. Who knows, maybe their children will be attending too!!! Thank you.


Jeff Lampe
I think that the staff at muskego high school and all the elementary schools are amazing they teach the curriculum that will be needed when we go off to college and we can take classes that other schools might not be able too . The classes are hard but they push us to work for the things that we aren't good at or the things that we can get better at.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Muskego-Norway School District. I feel as though I made many good connections with multiple teachers ranging from elementary school and onward, some in fact, I still keep in touch with. Many teachers were very understanding about the idea that we do indeed have a life outside of the classroom and often took into consideration the amount of homework given and the time spent doing so. The janitors of the district have always kept all schools very well maintained and made it a point to show how truly nice our facilities are.
I would like to see the way administration deals with bullying, and abuse of drug and alcohol. Throughout middle and high school I had issues with both of them and several faculty members disregarded my concerns and issues.
safe school with average classes. would like to see more encouragement and involvement with technical schools.
Muskego High School has many positives and negatives. They are a very positive and encouraging school district with many very qualified teachers. They have a wide variety of classes and activities which allows students to choose what they want to learn and are interested in.
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The Muskego-Norway School District is a great place to attend school from K5-12th grade. I started out at Tess Corners Elementary in 2002, then I went to Baylane Middle School, and then eventually to Muskego High School. I received a high quality education that prepared me for college, with excellent teachers and staff.
I believe Muskego High School has changed my life and has helped me grow as a student. The teachers are close to the students and are always ready to help those that need help. The education that is offered at MHS is very large and diverse; capable of helping any student prepare for any job this world can offer.
When I was a student at Muskego-Norway schools. I had a lot of good times and a few bad. If you mess up and do something bad then their will be an appropriate consequence for your actions. The food could be better and could have better portions. But I love the Muskego High school football and how the student section goes crazy with themes and cheering on the team at every game no matter the weather.
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