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During my four years of being enrolled at a Muscogee County, has been quite pleasant. Being enrolled at a rigorous course based school made me realize my potential. My ability to be successful, and it also helped me grow as a person. The only thing that can be improved is the school system trying to accommodate students and parents needs in the community. For example, changing the time we must be at school or converting back to a block schedule, these things are highly demanded. Not only by me, but by my peers, and some of the teachers located at Muscogee County School District.
The schools I have attended in Muscogee have been fairly excellent. There hasn’t been a time where really I felt unsafe with the except of lockdowns and threats that are at other schools. They handle issues very well and are very nice people.
Personally, in my 12 years of schooling, I had an amazing education in the public schooling system of Muscogee County. I can remember being encouraged each day since elementary school. I was constantly supported by my amazing teachers and peers. I never experienced bullying and was a very happy kid. Then throughout middle school, Midland Middle School, and high school, Northside High School, I still experienced the same support system. Making friends wasn't an issue and I even had great relationships with many of my teachers. I am grateful for the privilege of attending Muscogee County Schools.
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The school system is very diverse and many of the schools have different traits. Good competition with rivals and many people have different views on each school.
I have been attending schools in the Muscogee County School District ever since pre-kindergarten. I have had an amazing experience thus far, now that I am a senior, and looking back, I would never want to switch to a different school district. The administrators do a phenomenal job at running the district and they make sure that everyone has a fun and safe learning environment. This school district really prepares you for the next step, whether it be middle school, high school, or college. There is a school of the arts for students who wish to pursue a career in the arts like music, drama, etc. and there is a College Preparatory Magnet School named Columbus High School, in which I attend. Overall, living and attending school in this district has been a pleasant and bittersweet experience!
I love Muscogee County Schools. I have been of this district since I moved and it has done nothing but improve and prepare me generously as I transition from school to school throughout the years. I would like to see more involvement of communities and opportunities as far as governmental issues and political involvement.
I can only rate Northside high. Wonderful school and wonderful staff. Magnet program is very good and interesting. Plenty of honor classes to attend. School offers dual enrollment and a lot of AP classes to choose from. I will suggest the Moscogee county to expand the magnet program. In my opinion, Moscogee county has only 2 high school (Columbus High and Northside) that I consider to have a high academic standard, the others are not. I am suggesting to convert non performing high schools into a vocation high schools for students that are more interested in learning a trade and to convert northside into a solely magnet school.
Lastly, please introduce a mandatory drug screen test. Opioid addiction has become an epidemic in our society.
The professionalism lacked greatly, teachers weren't concerned about the students success, and the staff ia always worried about their drama more than teaching.
Muscogee county is overall a great county. everyone has there ups and downs but they push through. Their main priority is education because they care about there students succeeding. They try to make the environment feel home-like so the student will be comfortable. Our sports is very good as well. Carver High-school winning the state championship in basketball.
I liked how they focused on fine arts by constructing a school that included it; I would like to see more activities with students and more programs for student success, especially in high school. Teachers should motivate students and encourage every single one of them, not just the "smart students". Every student deserves attention because no one would know what a student goes through in their lives, them too should have the motivation by teachers, in order to be successful in what they desire to do.
I love how there are many extracurricular activities for students to take part in. More over the teachers are always willing to help. The only thing I would suggest improving upon is the food.
I like the facilities and classes. The student culture itself is not very welcoming at Northside, however.
I have a lot of friends there. Good teachers and good schools. A lot of kids like me. It has been a wonderful time there.
I very much enjoyed my time at the Muscogee County School District. I went to Columbus High and I am graduating with a 4.4 GPA. the teachers are amazing and very helpful, though a good bit of them may be difficult. I do feel that sciences should be taken more seriously and have more qualified teachers, but other than that it is fantastic.
Sports, I enjoy playing sports at Carver Highschool because I'm good at it and it makes me feel good about myself.
Muscogee County school are very attentive to the students and make sure every student is getting the education they need. Not every school is perfect but majority of the schools in Muscogee County want the best fro their students. The schools are very diverse and very interested about every students experiences.
The actual education process is fine, but the breach of confidentiality of students information by administration and staff and the lack of help with bullying is a major problem.
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My experience at Muscogee County Schools has been great. They have great academics and college readiness resources available. The only thing I would like to see change is the facilities.
The teachers make all the difference. I have had more good instructional teachers than I’ve had bad. My teachers have made me see the importance of an education and have tried to steer for my path.
I love how student oriented the staff members are. You can truly tell those who service our community love what they do.
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