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Muscatine Community School District Reviews

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Muscatine School district is a very safe district, but sadly it lacks the college readiness and preperation that students need. The administration is sadly more interested in passing students rather than getting to help students with their needs. But on the other hand, the teachers are wonderful and very in tune with their students needs, dreams and goals.
Overall, I had a very good experience at Muscatine High School. Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students, but there were also teachers who did not seem to care at all. The food is terrible, as well as very costly. My recommendation for the school would be to increase the quality of the food in order to justify the price. There is a lot of community support for our school districts, which is awesome, but occasionally I feel that support is given for the wrong thing, or the school district acts without the communities opinion. For example, all of the school districts have been made into the little Muskies instead of having their own individual mascots and personality. The walls in all schools have been painted purple and gray, and all the furniture replaced to be those colors also. Although I could see the argument that this will make our schools look more uniform, it does not support personality and imagination in the growing minds of young children.
Something I love about the Muscatine community school district is that it is such a small community, everything is hands on and it is a very close knit group. Everyone is always working together to have the best outcome and doing their best to keep the education the best.
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I enjoyed the sports that I played and the opportunities that were given to me. I did not feel that I was prepared completely for the next chapter in my life, which is college. Some teachers were well above average and some I found to be just doing a job, not very connected to the students.
i am going there now and it is a good place to go we have lots to do good teaches we have kids from other towns that come here
There's a lot of people that can help you with anything and they spend there money wisely. They also have a lot of sports and music activities.
My high school experience with the Muscatine Community School District was an enjoyable one. The teachers truly care about the success of their students and are supportive of college goals. The students are diverse and there are many opportunities to volunteer and get involved with sports and other extracurricular activities. I loved my time their and they are the reason why I am so prepared for college. I owe them all so much.
It is a close knit school district. The high school needs to continue to increase rigor to better prepare their students for college.
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