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As I am finishing up High School I can say that I am very experienced with how the school system here in Murrieta CA. Currently, I am a incoming senior and through the past three years I’ve been involved with many sports, clubs, leadership and other officer opportunities. While being involved, I noticed how widely the school district cares for all the extracurricular activities. We’re big on fundraising, providing the best materials, coaches, instructors, educators and well run facilities to reach our full potential. I have been lucky to have felt acknowledged in anything I have participated no matter where I stood. During my senior year, I plan on continuing leadership roles at my school meanwhile taking advantage of the rigid education that our educators have agreed to give us. I think many of the students can say that our district has very well rounded schools.
I moved when I was 5 years old from Rialto California to Murrieta. Since then I have been attending schools within the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. Since Lisa J. Mails Elementary School, Dorothy McElhinney Middle School, and lastly Vista Murrieta High School. My experience with the Murrieta Valley Unified School distict has been amazing. I was blessed to have and be surrounded by such amazing teachers and staff throughout my 12 years of education in this district. The teachers and staff as well as students go above and beyond expectations. True passion and drive is perceived all throughout our district, as a very strong and united district.
I have had a fantastic time through my school experience in this school district. I am constantly surrounded by smart people who are ready to learn and who enjoy school just as much as I do. In this school district we also have a very good set of teachers who are willing to stay after school to help their students. We also have a lot of sports and other extra curriculars to choose from. our sports teams do well and our extra curriculars do well too, such as Science Olympiad, Virtual Enterprise, Band, Mock Trial, Drama, etc. We also have a very useful program known as the I.B. Diploma Program, which helps students get college credits. I personally am part of the IB diploma program starting next year, and I also partake in Band, Virtual Enterprise, and Science Olympiad. I have also learned great time management skills in school, which helps me to handle all of these things at once. These are the reasons for why I rate my school experience in the school district at a 5/5 stars
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I like that the community of the schools are not judgmental and they let the students express themselves in a way that i have not seen in another school. In this school its cool to be a football player but still get up on stage and sing and dance and make a fool out of themselves. This school is full of understanding kids that understand that everyone is different so the don't feel the need nor the right to judge others for things that they do different.
The district was great with how things were run, but unless you were in AP classes they didn't set students up for college. Also too focused on football than the arts or teaching the student rather than piling on the homework.
Murrieta Valley High is a typical high school. There are good teachers, sometimes bad. There have been teachers that did not teach and felt like I did not care about my grades or future, but there are others that really helped and were super sweet. The campus was all tan and did not feel friendly at all, and the food is a 50/50 chance of good food and decent to not good food. The students seem to only get more disruptive over the years, the freshman and sophomores are rude and it feels like they did not have discipline. But, what made a high school great was my outside activities. I am in the drama department and the people and experience is what made Murrieta valley the best .
what I like about the Murrieta Valley School District is that is safe and many people are helpful. The school district has a Foster youth representative that gives resources to foster youth like myself. Murrieta school district is safe as we do all types of different scenario drills.
I personally enjoyed the school activities throughout my four years of high school. Though, I would suggest that there should be more classes available for the students. There is such a lack of engaging classes that I feel that students are more reluctant to learn.
The Murrieta Valley Unified school district has a lot of opportunities for students to get involved with the school such as spirit days. They also have many clubs around to match every students need to join a club. I haven't had many bad experiences with the district, and all of the schools are very safe.
Previous high school student that graduated in June 2013. Very fun and educational experience that helped shape me into becoming the student I am today.
I like the safety that the school district brings and the environment the staff creates. We always have fun things going on at our school to help us get involved and make sure we are having amazing high school years. Each student has the opportunity for personal and educational growth because of the support system that Murrieta Valley Unified School District provides.
All of the schools in the area are very supportive of each other. None of us are really rivals instead we are rivals with the nearby school districts. Since the schools are newer there are not many traditions so school spirit is not as great.
I like the teachers and how involved they are with the students. There is always free tutoring after school and for every subject so, it's nice to always have the help. I also enjoy how everyone on campus is really nice and helpful, there is always new people to mean.
Overall the school district is good. However, I have found the some of the teachers in High School are not very helpful. The teachers state that they are there to help, but when needed they often fall short in that area. Also, with the new common core standards the last 3 years of my math courses the teachers have been learning with the student's and are not educated enough on how to teach this area. I don't believe this is all their fault, but it has made it more difficult to learn from them. In addition, not every student is a great test taker. I know I suffer from anxiety when it comes to tests. I can study forever, but sometimes I fall short because of this. I believe the district should evaluate on how a class in graded. If a student is able to prepare projects and discuss them or write a paper about it that should show that the student is grasping the material. This area should actually count more than by memorizing information for a test.
This school district is clean, organized, and has great staff and teachers. I’m impressed with the local area of all schools. Education is highly emphasized in the Murrieta area and I believe students are getting their worth here.
I like the school district because they've prepped me as well as they could for college and I've had great social and learning experiences.
My experience in this district was pretty great. The teachers were wonderful and prepared me for tests well. The spirit on my campus was great and I was made college ready. It’s a great and very safe district.
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I like that you were able to be yourself no matter where you were and who you were with. You were never judged on our campuses and everyone was always welcomed.
Murrieta valley has probably been one of the greatest times of my life. These past four years I have grown up so much as an individual and I couldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for the staff at murrieta valley .
I really loved being a part of this district. I truly believe that this is the best district in the nation.
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