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Murray High has a very safe climate, where all the students are generally very kind close knit. I would say one of the best aspects of the school is the counselors, who’ve always worked very hard during the school year to support their students, and to make sure that all concerns are addressed. However, I would say that there could be improvements in effective communication—especially on certain events, such as when they happen, where, and why. Other than that, it’s an amazing district.
Murray School District, especially Murray High School, is a great District. The high school has great academic options and a well developed sports program. There are many opportunities at the high school for community entertainment. The facilities are great and there is a diverse student body.
Great education, teachers are awesome, there are many opportunities to get involved with extracurricular activities.
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Murray school has a very diverse population, rich with culture and individuality.
Most teachers create a space where student not only feel welcome, but comfortable as well.
Academics seem to be fairly high in the Murray School District.
Murray's school district tends to emphasis college readiness.
Clubs and activities are numerous in the district, especially the high school.
Safety is moderate in the Murray School district.
School culture creates a sense of unity and pride within the school.
The administration within the district is very well run.
Food within the district is nutritional and fairly tasty.
Resources and sponsorship given to the high school and other schools are great because they involve the community.
My overall experience at Murray has been a pretty positive one. I have the opportunity to challenge myself academically as well as participate in multiple sports. Even though Murray isn’t the best at everything, we all have amazing school spirit.
I enjoyed Murray, it was nice to be so close to home and surrounded by people I know. I enjoyed most of my classes and had some really good teachers that definitely helped prepare for the major tests and college.
I’ve had so many great teachers here, that have taught me more than I could ever imagine. I also enjoy the safety of the district. One thing that can improve is putting money into better schools. Adding new bathrooms, lockers, and just updating the schools would be nice.
The faculty is awesome they support each other, however the district office does not seem to care for opinions of their teachers. THEY have disregarded for good teachers that connect with the students. If they paid more attention to the students, then maybe things could be better. I was so disappointed .
I attended this school for all three years of high school. To say the least I didn’t enjoy it very much. As a minority I always felt like an outcast. Though I can say that the SBO’s made me feel included. They were great to the whole student body and tried their best to make the minority feel included with their activities.
I liked the teachers in Murray School District. Our buildings are fairly new which makes for a nice learning experience. There were plenty of opportunities in sports. I am a music person so I wish we had a bigger and better music program. We never had the opportunity to be upgraded in technology while I was there so I hope they find the money for an upgrade in the future.
I think that Murray's district is overall good. Although, I don't believe that we have a very diverse class. Once you hit high school, I don't think that our school spirit here is as good as every other schools. There is nothing really about this school that makes us stand out from other other. Murray district, to me, doesn't do much and some of their teachers shouldn't even be teaching when they don't even like kids.
My favorite thing about murray school district is that the teachers were really understanding. If you needed help they were always there to help out, you could feel safe talking with a teacher and asking for help if you were falling behind. There was also really great students with great potential that were always willing to help out as well.
The main issue is lack of opportunity for artistic students, at least in my experience. The advanced photography class was taught the exact same things as the beginners photography class, and we were given a sub who sat at the back of the class and did nothing for the last two+ weeks of the semester. There are no higher photography classes nor clubs and I’m disappointed I can’t continue developing my skills here.
I love the teachers and how all of them are so focused on getting you to succeed. It really makes us feel important. I love the community of students as well! They set such good example for others!
Murray School District gave me many opportunities to advance my education as well as enjoy extracurricular activities. Murray has a small town feel and the tight knit community made being involved with school much more exciting.
I attend Riverview Jr. High. The teachers and faculty are excellent. However the school is very old, and the bathroom stalls were short enough for several students and I to easily see over them. The students are very nice, and I believe to be the perfect medium. Not snobby, but not into gangs.
The administrative staff is nice and the councilors are very hardworking, but many of the teachers don't try their hardest to help students succeed, and they have an attitude when students continuously try to ask for a time to get work done.
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Murray District is a smaller district and is student focused. They recently started to use eletronic flyers to be a greener district
The Murray School District is a great schooling option. The faculty is very involved and well prepared, the facilities are well maintained, and there are many opportunities for any students. It is very easy to get involved with the school with its variety of clubs ranging from service oriented organizations, to Japanese, to hard rock. Through these organizations students are able to build relationships with students and staff as well as develop or explore their interests. I had a great experience while attending school in the Murray School District.
Murray is a good school to go to with good teachers. Some of the teachers are frustrating at times but you can expect that from any school.
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