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My school was by no means perfect, but I felt like they genuinely tried to better the students and to guide us to be the leaders of the future.
It was absolutely a fantastic experience being a Murray Indian. The Teachers and the Administration employees were really friendly and knowledgeable about their field. The teachers were more like peers than an instructor; helped us out in various situations, i.e, both academic and personal life. The only drawbacks I would like to mention are college readiness and the clubs. The academic is not at all challenging except in one or two subjects-affects the overall student college readiness; in terms of clubs, it would be fun if they added more various types of clubs or even add some pre-engineering courses, which could help students who like pursue an engineering major in their college. Giving them a heads up before their college career is indeed significant.
The thing I absolutely loved about my school system was the teachers. The vast majority of the teachers loved their jobs and loved their students and you could tell. They would teach with a proverbial fire under them. The curriculum they were stuck teaching under was a big problem it gave them no creative rights in the way they wanted to teach but they did their best but you could tell they wanted to do better but weren't able to under the circumstances. The school culture was absolutely dreadful there were bullies everywhere and if you were in the social norm your life was a literal living hell but nothing ever got said since most of them were on sports teams or children of important people in the town.
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I love the Murray country school system. They have great teachers who really care about the students and there nothing I can think that I want to change.
I have been a student in Murray County Schools for 13 years, and it has been a good experience for me so far. I feel like I have received a quality education and am ready for college. I am grateful that North Murray High School has given me the opportunity to start pursuing my degree through dual enrollment. This program has saved me and my family a lot of money, and it has reduced the time I will have to be in college. The only thing I would change about this school system is that the teachers and administrators need to prepare students for the SAT and ACT. I have learned that these test scores are very important, and they are needed to go to go to your college of choice. Overall, my experience with Murray County has been great and I am thankful to have been a part of it.
My experience within the Murray county school system was phenomenal. From the staff, to my fellow peers, I shall never forget my Highschool days. Years of growing up and studying helped me become who I am today. What I liked the most was the level of preparation I went through. However I do wish for the school to have remodel, In hopes of attracting more students. A small town, but alot of love and knowledge to go around. I wish everyone could experience the love and knowledge shown and taught to me.
Murray County has pretty good teachers until you hit 5th-7th grade, those years are very poorly staffed especially at Gladden Middle School.
Murray County is an amazing school. Whenever you need to talk to someone about anything the counselors are always there to talk. The administration is always involved with the students to make sure they are okay and provide them with anything they need. The sports teams are fun to go watch and support. It’s easy to meet new people and make life long friends. The teachers are great at talking to parents and students to make sure the student graduates on time while still feeling like they can have fun. I’m glad to say that I am Murray Indian Graduate. Once an Indian, Always an Indian!
With my expirence, the teachers and administrators were caring and always finding the right solution to any problem!
I would like to see more extracurricular activities. There needs to be more emphasis on skills like wood shop. It costs too much money to play a major sport, two hundred to three hundred dollars for a sport but why?
Murray County Schools will always be a special place for me. My time at this school was nothing short of amazing. During my time here, I was able to build relationships with my peers, teachers, and administrators that will last a lifetime all while receiving a quality education.
In all honesty it is a decent high school, but it does have considerable problems. The teachers that actually know what they are teaching, are outnumbered by teachers who do not care about their jobs, and could be less interested in actually teaching students. Also, as a former football player, favoritism towards athletic students is fairly rampant. However, despite these complaints the curriculum and overall experience has not been as bad as other high schools, according to other students.
It was an okay experience. The worst part of it usually came from the fellow students, but they weren't bad. Some of the teachers and other faculty seemed as if test scores were more important than the student's learning experience, which I do not like.
Love the town, but the administration at the high school is very poor. It is run by a woman and her husband. She hired him under the table to become to athletic director. Just a crooked school system.
Murray County gets a bad reputation. If it were better funded, and better taken care of, the school would be amazing. The teachers are committed, focused, kind and helpful. The equipment is outdated, some of it broken and most of it vandalized, but the education there was not poor enough to justify the horrible reputation that it has.
The school was a pretty good school. They helped me achieve things I never thought I would ever do like get college classes. The thing I didn't like was that some teachers would not care about your education, but for the most part every teacher did.
Everyone is friendly if you're involved in school! You have the option to take college, honors, AP or regular classes which are great. There are some great teachers that actually care to help you and can get along with (depending on you get). Overall, it might be a small school in a small county but you can always find a way to make it the best school experience.
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I liked how they prepare you for whatever is coming ahead of you. But there's one thing the bullying and the teachers shrugging teachers off needs to change at the elementary schools.
Everyone thinks Murray County High School is so awful but in my almost three years it has been the best school I have attended. I was able to chose a different high school but I would never dream of going somewhere else. Everyone at Murray makes you feel like a family. We don't have cliques. Everyone hangs out with each other. My experience here has been amazing. The teachers are the best, some teachers don't teach they just give you stuff and tell you to do it but I have learned so much. I can not wait to spend my senior year here at Murray making so many amazing memories.
Murray schools are disciplined and academic achieving . They have good facilities . Nice people altogether. A great place to study. Hardly would a child go wayward in Murray.
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