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Murray County Central School District Reviews

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I enjoy the small class size. School is located in rural area. I like the tools in the shop they are nice and well maintained. The teachers are kind and always trying to help their students. This year the school put on a new gym so kids do not have to practice at late hours and can practice after school. I also like now that we have the new gym we can go to in there after we eat lunch and shoot hoops during lunch hour. I also like that my grade has only sixty kids in it so I know every one in my grade and that is nice. These are the reasons I like my small school is a small town.
Murray County Central schools have treated me very well over my years of going to school here. I would consider Murray County Central a high achieving school as we have consistently produced high test scores in our area. Murray County Central school is a great school for anyone to be a part of.
I am a student at MCC and the school has served me well. It consistently produces good test scores and most of the students and teachers are committed to excellence.
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My experience here has been great. I definitely have learned a lot. I would recommend anyone who lives in the area to go to this school. The teachers prepare their students for their future life outside of high school. There are some classes that you may get a college credit for too. There are many clubs and sport activities that you can join that suit your interest. I have loved my experience here and I would very highly recommend anyone to join this school.
I would not recommend any changes to be made to MCC. It is a wonderful school that offers a great education through great teachers, staff, and other personnel.
Murray County Central is a great school! The teachers and staff try very hard to make everyday a great day. They work hard to help students succeed in every way possible!
Murray County Central offers so many opportunities to its students. There are a wide variety of activities to participate in, and because of the size of MCC, you will be a part of any sport, club, or other activity you want to. I have taken advantage of numerous activities here and my time here has been unbelievable.
I appreciate the staff here at MCC. They do their best to help us succeed and do the best we can in school.
Went to school in this district K-12. Okay school, focused way too much on keeping good face with the community, not with academics. Sports always come first. Overall a good school, just need to rearrange the priorities sometimes.
I really like my high school. There is friendly and helpful teachers that really care about your future. There are also some very good people in the school and in the community. One of the few things that would improve our school would be to add air conditioning.
It is an alright school. Certain students will be able to get away with murder and cheat their way to graduating because of who their parents are. Money and who has it run the school
Murray County Central is a place that prepares students for life after high school. The staff truly cares about each other and each student.
The environment is safe and positive. The teachers are quick and willing to help out any student with any problem. The community is also very supportive! Murray County Central will always hold a special place in my heart!
I like the teachers that teach at our school. I also like the many different class choices our school offers. I do not think anything at our school needs to be changed because it is nearly perfect the way it is.
This is school is in such a close-knit community, its hard to not feel loved in every activity you participate in.
I love the teachers that we have here at Murray County Central. Many of them care about their students and are very passionate about the subject they teach. Most keep class interesting by adapting to the needs and learning styles of the students in that particular class. There are very few teachers that do not meet these descriptions. I am very thankful to have grown up in such a caring and educational community.
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