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Muroc Joint Unified School District Reviews

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I enjoyed how small it was and the fact that the one school it has on the Air Force Base gives you some opportunities some people do not get. However, they lack some classes in one school that will hopefully change when they rebuild it.
I like that all the teachers really connect with their students here in my school district and that much of the faculty seems kind to one another and the community. I really feel like it's a pleasure going to most of my classes just because the teachers in the district really make it worth while. What could use more work is district spending, as currently the school district doesn't even have money for tape and isn't very transparent as to why. On top of that, there is a lot of complaints of nepotism in the hiring process that is hindering the union for teachers, and likely leading to people taking jobs they are not qualified for
Muroc is full of extremely welcoming students and faculty. I have never witnessed a new student eating alone on his/her first day or one who has not found a friend group to fit into. The district is lacking in school spirit, but currently programs such as food days and pep rallies are being added to increase our school pride. The district offers many Advanced Placement classes that help with college prep, but unfortunately the teachers are a hit or miss. I basically had to teach myself a subject last year, but I also have the best English teacher I could ever ask for. The administration are also very sweet people, but they are prone to making mistakes (my summer report card was messed up two years in a row).
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I have had a great time being a part of this school district, from start to finish. Many of the teachers were very personable and are now lifelong friends. I also had the opportunity to meet many great people who are now friends of mine and always will be. I learned lessons not just in book smarts, but also in common sense and truthfulness. The only downfalls about this district is that because it is small, educational programs are limited, making it harder for students to get an education equivalent to that in a larger area. This is the most notable area this district could improve in.
Its a small close nit school. Being on a Military Base access for events such as football and other games is difficult for people. It is also hard to find teacher and resources so there for they are behind the times. The facilities are very old and in much need of an upgrade!
My seven years of being involved with Muroc Joint Unified School District as a student has been an overall positive experience. A majority of the administration are serious, assistive, and above proficient in the space of educating and aiding students. An area of improvement is the appearance of the school, which is in much need of renovation. This renovation would place more pride in faculty and the student body alike, thus causing individuals to feel more invigorated to attend and succeed in their studies.
I would like to see more student teacher contact when needed during classes and further discussions in classes
I believe this district could have been constructed better in an educational way. I went to Boron Jr./Sr. High school in the district, and I received a decent education. I would have prefered the school to have more of an involvement in the performing arts of the school. I took 6 years of performing art, and we didn't have much to work with. The school needs to work on improving the electives they provide, rather than the sports they provide. Education is key.
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