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I grew up in this very small area of Munising. Pretty much everyone under 18 goes to the public school. I have grown up with these amazing people and it’s so hard to let go. This school has not only furthered my education, but my current mindset as well. I am surrounded by teachers and peers that care about me and my well-being. I have never not felt loved being there. They are very welcoming, caring people that want to see you go far in life. They care about you and your education. If I could go back in time, I would grow up at this school all over again. It has made my life amazing and I will never forget the memories.
Munising High School will hold some of my greatest memories. I moved to Munising in the 5th grade and made friends right away. The people here are genuinely nice and concerned about your well being. The community is also phenomenal, sports teams always get parades coming back from winning a district or regional title. Being heavly involved in high school sports the teachers were very understanding of school that we would miss and would help us out by giving homework early or sending notes over a document to us. Not only was I able to be committed to sports but I held high positions in many clubs. I know it sounds like I am busy, but that was the beauty of going to this high school. Almost everyone is involoved in multiple things which keeps us active in our community and overall makes us well rounded students. I would reccommend Munising High School to anyone and everyone.
my experience at munising public school wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't great either. it was mostly the kids judging me a lot, and it created a fear of being myself. the school itself didn't have any air conditioning so it was blazing hot in the summers, and they didn't have many heaters either so in the winter it was freezing. there was really no in between. most of the teachers were nice, and helped push me to where i needed to be to graduate.
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My experience at Munising public schools was an enjoyable experience. The staff was friendly and easy to talk to and get help. The sports program is extensive and fun to participate.
The Munising Public Schools has a wonderful well rounded, close and supportive community along with great education.
My experience at Munising Public Schools has helped me better prepare myself for college. The faculty and administration strives to help each student to be their best selves, and advance their knowledge to the bets of their abilities. The greatest part of attending Munising High School was the ability to be involved greatly as a large school community. The students were close with one another and that kind of environment cultivated a better learning place.
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