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Muncy School District Reviews

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Muncy is a very calm and safe school district. I was never afraid or stressed about going to school there. The teachers were very helpful as well as the rest of the faculty.
I go to the school myself and it has a pleasant atmosphere but needs a little assistance in the bullying branch of the district. This school has been having budget problems for the last few years, and I hope that upon entering this survey that they will know my schools problems.
I like how they care about both the child’s education and personal life. They help the child strive for success. Muncy Jr/Sr High School was even out in the top 100 schools during the year 2015.
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The school is a beautiful place to be. The teachers that teach all that you could want to know are willing to work with you to achieve your goals. they always give you a chance and try to help you through a bad day.
Muncy was a good school overall. Some things could have been better like the sports and culture. However, if one takes the AP classes offered the teachers are great and prepare you well for college.
Muncy is a very strong school. They care about the students and provide many opportunities. The school is lacking in technology and needs to come to the 21st century in that regard. Otherwise, it is an excellent school.
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