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I am learning new things everyday everyday everyday everyday every day and almost every day because the teachers know what they are doing and what they are talking about when they plan their lesson plans for every day of the week when they have to teach their students in all of their classes and subjects they teach in. All I have to say is th.t at my high school everybody is safe and are very communicative and very kind to each other and other stuff like that because I would know this stuff like this because at a lot of other schools, are not like that for some odd reason which I want to know why some schools are like that towards each other.
One of the main things I like about Muncie Commnity Schools is the fact that they have many sports or clubs that are offered there for anyone to join. It is a wide range of choices for students interested in a variety of things. Another thing i enjoy about Muncie central is how much diversity there is. Many people of all different cultures get along with each other with no problems. One thing I would change about Muncie Central is some of the staff, a couple of classes that are offered there, and the safety of students at Central.
The one thing that I like about Muncie Community Schools were the teachers, they always helped me out whenever I needed help and help me understand the things we wer doing in class. The one thing that I would like to see change is, at least sometimes the teachers could explain stuff a little better because you have some students that understand the the work and you have some students that don’t understand the the work.
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The elementary schools have a lot to offer to younger students and they treated me very well. however, the food plans are extremely unhealthy, as is the social/political environment as a child attends the muncie middle schools and high schools. It is almost easier to say that these schools are dangerous for a child physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Muncie Schools are horrible. The teachers only care about the money, theres alot of bullying. Muncie is so far behind in the curriculum that they have 8th graders doing 6th grade work.
The thing I have liked most about Muncie Community Schools is that the teachers want to help you succeed. I know a lot of teachers that are constantly willing to do any and everything they can to help their students. Also, Muncie Community Schools has a great diversity and it is easy to learn about different customs and cultures. I have enjoyed my time here at Muncie Central because I am an involved student and play sports.
I have attended Muncie Community Schools throughout all of my childhood. There are lots of room for improvement, in my opinion.
Muncie community schools is a diverse student body that gives a lot of room to learn not only class room topics, but cultural topics. it was kinda over populated in the high school but people are actually really accepting.
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