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Mumford Independent School District Reviews

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Mumford ISD has a great academic program and is an overall good community. The teachers are all very helpful and they want their students to excel in life. Custodians are also a huge part in why Mumford is such a well kept school and they are always very hard working.
My experience with Mumford ISD has been extremely positive. Mumford ISD has an outstanding academic program that I believe has prepared me for college.
All of the teachers are ready to help in any way that they can for the success of every individual student.
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Overall the food choices are very limited and not appetizing and they have very limited extracurricular activities but the education makes up for it.
I went to Mumford ISD from pre-k3 until my senior year. I loved how I felt like i was home every day. The staff was amazing and very fun to be around. One thing I would change is having more sports for the kids.
I have been at Mumford ISD since I was 3 and I love it. You grow up in not just a class but in a family. You stay Mumford for awhile and your classmates become your family.
I have been attending Mumford ISD for about seven years now, and I have enjoyed every minute of it, and am honestly very sad to leave it behind. It was here that I have met my lifelong friends, and it was here that I have started the path to my future success. Overall, I think I have had a pretty good experience. All of the staff members ate very nice to others, and are always there to help students, so long as help is asked for. All of the teachers are very intelligent and do their best in order to insure that the students get a proper education in a proper environment. The school itself got the "blue-collar award" for the third time this year, as a matter of fact; and I believe is also ranked top 26 in the nation. I have had an amazing experience being a part of this school and am very proud to have graduated from Mumford ISD. In my opinion, there isn't really anything that could be improved. Overall, I have had an amazing time being a student here.
Mumford Independent School District is a good school the teachers do whatever it takes to get you to understand what they are talking about. One thing that not every school provides is one on one times with teachers but since Mumford is not a big school you have that privilge. And that is one of the reasons i hold Mumford to a high standard. Another reason would be that Mumford is very involved with their athletes and they put in the extra time plus work for their athletes to get better. One thing I would change about Mumford is that they need to be more involved with agriculture especially beacuse it is in the middle of corn fields and cotton fields.
I love Mumford. The school has a great and amiable environment. All the teachers work hard to help you understand and go through the studies. Everybody is kind and supportive of each other. My best friends are there and we learn and achieve our goals together.
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