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What I like about Muleshoe isd is that everybody knows everybody. It's easy to get along with everyone. The teachers are always concerned about the students and their studies. The community is great there is so much to be involved in. Something I would like see change is the more personal expressional as students. A very strict dress code, times are changing and so are people we have to have freedom as students.
Starting out here in muleshoe before college has made me into a person that can succeed after college along with the memories of basketball, golf, tennis and band.
Muleshoe ISD puts kids first. The faculty helped me succeed as a student in high school. The athletic department is top notch in Texas. The technology and resources are excellent and help all students be successful.
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All of the athletic teams do well every year. The teachers have prepared me enough for college. The administration is always striving to make our school better.
Every year, the sports teams always do well. If you would like to take college class and prepare for college at this school, you are in the wrong place. The food is gross, but the administration is pretty good.
My experience at Muleshoe High School was interesting. It is a small school, so the teachers are able to make more time for individual students. All programs at the school were viewed as equally important, such as band or athletics, it is not like at some schools where athletics is thought to be more important than band. I undoubtedly appreciated the fact that diversity is not a problem at MHS. Bullying is not tolerated and students were constantly reminded that everyone is equal. What I would like to see a change in, in the future, are social activities. The school should include more activities that can keep students out of trouble. A good example of this would be activities such as, movie nights, talent shows, etc. Overall, Muleshoe High School is a great high school for students to grow academically and learn more about themselves and their passions.
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