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Overall, I think they do a good job and I've had a positive experience here. I wish they wouldn't have been under construction for so long. The school wasn't finished until my senior year so I spent most of my high school years with all the construction. Now that it's done, it's awesome although it would have been nice to have a field house for wrestling. The kids could have been a little more inclusive. No one is mean but they aren't always welcoming either. I'm not sure how ready I am for college but hopefully I will be. I think the English courses could be better.
I think the academics are amazing, but the way the school treats its students is another thing. In elementary school, teachers and administration did a poor job at handling children with ADHD. In middle school and high school, the district claimed to be so against bullying, yet did little to intervene.
Great teachers but horrible administrators. They care more about how the school looks and gets things done rather than the actual education.
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I love attending want to go high school for the most part. The majority of the teachers are very hard-working kind and understanding people, They will work their absolute hardest to make sure no student fails. The overall learning environment is great. The school takes into account everyone is learning abilities and disabilities. When going to school I always feel safe, there is never a doubt in my mind.
I like the many opportunities provided to the students, from technical skills to IT programs. The school also has many extracurricular and club offerings.
I really loved the teachers that taught at my school. They all cared and put their all in educating my peers and I. They tried to get to know everyone and I appreciated the time I had with each and everyone. However, I feel that their salary was lackluster and they needed to supply some of their own materials. The school had recently passed a referendum to renovate the school and it looks wonderful but hopefully that also comes with increasing the salary of these hardworking teachers. Also I did notice bullying and some bigoted talk in the halls of my school which made the environment unsafe for some students.
I really like the community that I feel at Mukwonago High School. The athletics are very good and provide students with a second family. There are several exceptional teachers at MHS and there are several teachers that I believe should not be teaching at MHS. I believe that the administration should focus more on what the students are experiencing and their concerns and frustrations. However, MHS is a beautiful school that works hard to help young minds achieve great things and I think that is very important.
This year at Mukwonago High School was different from the rest because of all the construction. We are getting brand new facilities which makes the extra noises worth it. Mukwonago offers a wide variety of classes, so there is something for everyone. This large range of choices also allows one to try out different classes to see if they are interested in a certain career field. Mukwonago School District is quite large, and there are so many different people to meet. Anyone is able to fit in somewhere and have a good group of friends. This school district has a lot to offer its students and sets them up to be successful when they graduate.
I enjoyed the fine arts during my time at Mukwongo HS. In a time when so many schools are decreasing the emphasis or importance of choir, music ,drama and art, My school continues to support the needs of students interested in the fine arts. As a good student, I feel my educational needs were also met.
My overall experience was good. Early on, I endured bullying that was difficult. However, I was able to persevere. I have focused on my academics. MHS provides challenging classes that allow for continued learning and advancement. I also enjoyed Mens and concert choir, drama, Thespians and Tri-M. The opportunity the join the one of a kind IT Academy within MHS, has allowed me to begin learning toward my interest of a computer science degree.
In my senior year, the school started making huge changes while renovating the old building, and adding on a completely new auditorium and gymnasium. All of the staff have been very kind and helpful and when you get to know them, you can form personal relationships with them.
The teachers, the majority of the stuff are very nice. There are some teachers that have genuine care about their students.
The school's IT Academy and focus on computer science is superior to other schools in the region. Unfortunately, like many schools in the US, it struggles with adequately focusing on education and has too much of a focus on football.
Mukwonago is a well rounded school with challenging academics and a large number of opportunities. The teachers actually care about their students and honestly want the students to succeed, and not just to keeping their jobs. For those who want a challenge and to prepare for college, Mukwonago is amazing. The music department was just built, as was a majority of the second floor. The only problems I have found are the student body's attitude toward each other, with a deep rift between sports and the arts.
I would like to see teachers with proper training on having careful interactions with all students, but especially those with IEP's. We have encountered a few teachers with out the proper "attitude" toward our child and expected him to be 'just like everyone else'.
I came into the Mukwonago Area School District freshman year from a private school. The culture was of course different, but that is to be expected. Students can rise to the top at Mukwonago if they desire it; the teachers and resources are good. A student can sink to the bottom just as easily and get caught up in bad activities or friend groups. Administration and teachers do intervene to help when they see it necessary and possible. Bottom line, the student controls his or her destiny, from not much to amazing things. No limits exist.
The best part about Mukwonago School district is the staff. The teachers at Mukwonago care about the students a lot and do all they can to help struggling students. The worst part about Mukwonago School District are the students. The students at Mukwonago are disrespectful to teachers and subs and act like they aren't going anywhere in life and that they don't care about anything. The students need to realize that they are seniors and grow up. Other than that most of the staff makes sure that students are getting all the help they need as long as they ask for it.
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What I like most about Mukwonago High School is the interactions between the students and staff. The teachers don't care exclusively about academic achievements, they also care about their students as people and friends.
Mukwonago high school over all is a very good high school for teens. They over all have very good programs to help students succeed. The shop classes offered at MHS are very good, helping students get recruited into trade schools. Overall more funding should be put in these areas due to materials starting to become warn. College, guidence councilers are very college heavy. They make sure to push college on every senior which looking back I think is good due to the fact if your not going to a trade school you should at least take a few college classes so at some point when you do need it it's already done.
I was originally in the Palmyra-Eagle school district when I found out that a had I learning disability the school district was not understanding and they tried to do the very least possible to help me when my parents decided to send me to Mukwonago they immediately were much more understanding and did what they could to help make my transition easier.
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