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Absolutely the most fun years of my life. Such a diverse and loving community you'll never find anywhere else. Classes are challenging, but definitely for the betterment of your studies.
My Experience with Kamiak has been amazing. The teachers truly care about the students success in life. I took a star off because of the inequality of our district. I understand that the differences in the demographics of Kamiak and Mariner students is inevitable but the rules of each school don't have to be. The Mukilteo School District is passionate but not equitable towards all students or schools.
I've been a part of the district for eight years and have never found a problem. Students are put first and it shows.
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I enjoy the nature of the school as well as the guidance that comes with the educators. There is no bullying involved at this school which in turn creates a stable environment for self security and education.
I have incredible relationships with 99% of my teachers, they are amazing people, role models and teachers. They are what make this district so great!
Many of the schools are diverse and have a mix of different cultures which was amazing have all the different cultures surrounding me. But also the staff and facilities are pretty good some better then others but the over all of the school district is amazing and I recommend it for some of the programs the provide but also the of how diverse the schools ate
I'm a Running Start student and I feel like the Administration at Kamiak hasn't been very helpful or lenient when it came to state testing or helping with PE credits going into running start. I had to take an online class just so I could meet the requirement. Amazing help from parents, faculty was about average.
I am a senior at Kamiak and I have enjoyed my experience in the Mukilteo School District. I have also attended Mukilteo Elementary and Olympic View. I mostly enjoyed my elementary school and high school but my middle school experience could have been better regarding teachers.
What I liked about Mukilteo School District is that you feel close to everyone since it’s a smaller community. I wish it gave us more opportunities like internships or pushed us more for prepping for college instead of us having to do it all alone. Overall though I had a fun time. I met lots of new people and everyone was very kind.
The thing people most rave about in the Mukilteo School District is the diversity. Growing up in a diverse environment allows students to understand different viewpoints better, grow in communication skills, and become more open-minded. Like all districts, there are teachers who challenge the advancement of their students. The only sad part about the district is that the schools are starting to get packed, with portables not cutting it anymore. It's always an experience to visit a different school in a different district as most end up putting my fellow students and I into a state of awe over how nice they look compared to what we have grown up in.
From my experienced at mukilteo high school, I learned that mukilteo school district is the best because they have diversity of students who shared cutures among other students, it have good trained teachers who supports students and treats every student equally, the district has the highest graduation rate and has alot of sport activities for students such as football, basketball, soccer etc. However, the district needs to have more resources fo students use.
I enjoyed the friendly teachers and welcoming staff. Being a biracial student, I never felt like I was different, and I went to school with kids from everywhere. I am currently in tenth grade and over the years of elementary and middle school, I have been able to experience and explore different cultures through people, the arts, and presentations. If I needed help with an assignment I did not understand, the resources and materials were always ready and available at my fingertips. I love the variety of classes that are available to students, which give us an opportunity to prepare for our futures. Leadership, communication, and art skills are encouraged regularly as well. All staff are friendly and are magnificent teachers. There are a variety of counselors which are willing to help with anything a student needs. My overall experience so far has been a memorable one with a variety of learning opportunities I have taken advantage of.
The music program was great. Athletics were okay and disproportionately funded. Arts and drama were good, but not funded well. Campus for high school was open air, even though this is the rainy side of Washington state.
In general everyone is going to have a different perspective of this district. Depending on which school you go to you'll figure out slowly that not every school is the same way. In my eyes, the district is an average well maintained place, filled with thousands of kids.
Great schools with good teachers and lots of outside school activities and extra curricular activities
Did not like the way my kid was taught. She did not learn much if anything last year, the test will prove it. Dont like thw teachers.
Mukilteo School District has nice schools and great students. The teachers are all excited about teaching, even though they are unengaging at times (but I mean all teachers are). It allows students to go at the pace they need, allowing students at higher levels of learning to take the classes they need.
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I have enjoyed Mukilteo School Distrist sense I moved here my freshman year. This year we had a new curriculum which was Spring Board and a lot of the students/teachers have not been enjoying it because it's hard to understand some of the activities and takes us through books either to fast or to slow. I am senior at Kamiak High School. I feel like the school board should step up a little when more then a few students complain about a teacher cause that means that, that teacher isn't really good. Otherwise I have enjoyed my time these last four years in the Mukilteo School District.
Great experience, teachers and staff care of students a lot but what I don't really like is that almost every other school district has half day every Friday but sadly we do not have that in our school district.
This school district is one that I have grown to admire throughout my K-12 education. The colorful diversity of the students are what make me feel at home as a Mexican-American myself. The staff and faculty at my school, Mariner High School, are very accepting, helpful, and do the best to keep the students safe. Through many obstacles, my teachers have shown crucial support to ensure that I was performing well and caught up with my work and learning. Although class sizes are increasing, teacher-student interactions are still stable. There is also a wide variety of after-school activities, clubs, and sports to keep the students occupied and productive. Many resources are also available to assist students in college readiness, tutoring, community service, etc. Overall, the Mukilteo School District is a quality school district that is composed of caring and dedicated staff members and quality educational opportunities.
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