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Being a child with a disability it was very hard to get teachers to understand what I am going through. I had to fight everyday for my rights
During my time at Muhlenberg School District I observed teachers that wanted to help their students that had no backing by the administration. The entire district has room to grow the help their students achieve more and provide them tool to prepare for college.
So I moved from Reading to Muhlenberg when I was in 8th grade and there was a big culture shock for me. To go from to a school where almost everyone was Hispanic and African american, to a school where almost everyone was Caucasian. In terms of curriculum, the teachers really did believe in what they taught and everyone had their own personality. The workload was more than what they would give you in Reading, but it was still manageable. They cared about safety, academics, and even got you ready for college as early at 9th grade when you took a course with Ms. Burnham on getting ready for jobs and colleges. And clubs were always easy to start and join, I even became president of Anime Club, was a part of the art club, did color guard, and joined Reading Olympics all while getting a GIEP (GIfted Individualized Education Program).
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Muhlenberg is very diverse but they need to be more understandable and adaptable to that. We live very close to an impoverished city and some of the kids that come from it were not taught the difference instead made to be “resistant to authority.”
Muhlenberg School District seem to have a higher education system then my past school. The teachers are very hardworking, polite, and kind to every student. They treat us as young adults and the counselors are very involved with students progression and academics. Safety is not an issue since a new security system has been placed. I believe the only improvement needed is from the students. About two-thirds of the school take their academics and extracurricular activities seriously ad try their hardest while the rest of the student body have no worries or plans to try. Overall Muhlenberg School District would have an amazing impact in thinking about the future and open opportunities.
Teachers are very helpful if you ask for help. Challenge yourself with honors and advanced placement classes. The Muhlenberg "boo crew" is the best fan group around. Most diverse school within the county. People are very friendly, should not have a problem finding your own group of people to hang with as long as you try.
I’ve only ever gone to Muhlenberg School District schools, and I have always felt safe, involved, and blessed to have teachers that truly do care about the students.
The Teachers care about students and do their best to help students achieve success. One thing I really appreciate in the High School is that there is a thirty minute study period, whereas students can use the time to go to any teacher for help or study on their own. Also, the teacher to student ratio is good and plenty of high classes are offered. Clubs like the Leo club are also very helpful to the community and very involved.
Muhlenberg school district is a small high school that has a good bond between teachers and students. The facilities, especially in sports, are top notch.
Muhlenberg is a very interesting school. Students from surrounding schools have been known to say that Muhlenberg students are of a different species. The culture here is pretty bad. We don't have high violence but definitely high problems. All of the students stab each other in the back, its become the norm. The teachers do not care about their jobs. They're either bored and just trying to get through the day or are a kid hater. Many teachers go out of their way to get kids in trouble. Our school could use some gentrification and a change of culture.
Muhlenberg is an amazing communities where we all get to grow and develop into real adults. The teachers there are considerate and do not prepare us only for the standardized tests; they prepare us for life. The School helps us in so many ways, with a variety of extracurricular activities, volunteering opportunities and job experiences. Not only that, but there are also many challenging courses meant to help shape our minds, and help us get a better understand of adulthood. Although the school already has a variety of foreign languages namely Spanish, German and Latin, adding more languages such as French, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Irish, Portuguese and even Sign Language would really help the students broaden their knowledge. The School dies have flaws because the staff is, after all, humans; nevertheless, that they ensure our safety and our mental growth making Muhlenberg, the best second home ever.
I'm in my senior year at Muhlenberg High School, so I can confidently say that the staff at each school take the time to make sure each student is cooperating and understanding the material given.
I attended Muhlenberg High School from 2012 through 2015. Reflecting upon my high school years, I would have to say that it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. My school had numerous clubs and sports that one could be a part of. I specifically remember the long hours of musical rehearsal and Friday night football games marching on the field. The teachers that are employed at the high school were some of the best. They knew the subject material they were teaching and always made sure everyone was thriving. I would argue that nothing really needs to be changed at my high school; it was perfect.
I liked the freedom that came along with this school and I especially liked the fact that we had "Muhltime" which was you basically got to go have free time with your friends for 30 minutes everyday, or if you needed help from a teacher you could go get help. The main thing that I would change would be the education itself. The education was not that great due to the fact that the classes were really big and the curriculum was too easy.
Muhlenberg is a very nice public school, however, there should be a change in administration to keep things more organized and better prepare students for college.
Muhlenberg School District is an amazing school and has wonderful, unique, helpful teachers! When you need any help, you can find it. Muhlenberg school district has a great and hardworking athletics teams. You can not go wrong with Muhlenberg School district
As a student of Muhlenberg high school, my opinion of the school is that it is good. The quality of the education is good with the help of the teachers but I feel as if it could be better. Teachers should work one on one with the students to help improve a better understanding. Muhlenberg high school is small enough to the point where a lot of students know each other there for many of us are interactive. Sports are very popular as well.
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Muhlenberg school district teachers will go above and beyond to help students learn what they need to learn to prepare them for the upcoming years. Muhlenberg teaches you many different ways to learn and comprehend learning abilities. The teachers do what needs to be done but have fun while doing it. The one thing I would like to see done is the saftey at our high school. Due to the recent school shootings a lot of students including my self have noticed that the school does not feel very safe. Muhlenberg has a big variety of activities to keep us busy after school is over which helps us become friends with many different students.
Teachers are awesome and faculty is great. I wish administration would become more involved in sports, but overall they do a decent job and have nice facilities.
I consider my experience at Muhlenberg High School excellent. The teachers there always put their students in front of them, looking to find the best in every student. Beside from teachers, the coaching staffs that I have been apart of have been a great experience for me. I started playing football for the high school my ninth grade year and played all four years of highs school ball. In lacrosse, I started playing in tenth grade and going into this spring, this will be my second year as captain of the lacrosse team. One person at Muhlenberg High School that has influenced my life tremendously is the lacrosse coach, Matt DeAngelis. Coach DeAngelis has been a giant influence on me and helped shape me into the person I am today. My experience overall at Muhlenberg High School has been amazing and I will forever be thankful for being able to attend Muhlenberg.
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