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Muhlenberg County Public Schools Reviews

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I’ve loved my time going to school in the Muhlenberg County school district so far! Such a great county to live and attend school in!
they should get better teachers that teach well enough to prepare you for college courses. also should worry more about stem majors than sports.
Muhlenberg County Schools have a lot of potential for a small county. Better financial decisions I believe would help the district greatly, as to avoid another budget incident like in 2015, when many teachers without tenure were pink-slipped. Other than that, the district itself is very nice and student-oriented. Plus lots of emphasis on trade as well as college to give students the options needed to meet all desires.
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I really like the atmosphere and loving teachers. I am involved in many clubs and have been able to discover my calling in life. The agriculture department is wonderful and very sweet. I learn in ways that are best for me. I am allowed to express myself and my ideas freely. The food is either really good or absolutely terrible, but in general it is okay. I have made so many friends that will continue to be by my side for the rest of my days. I feel prepared and ready to the next phase in my life.
Muhlenberg County Schools offer many opportunities for interaction across all age groups. It allows students to grow in many aspects including academically and individually. However, there are some areas the school system is limited due to minimum connection to eligible professors and higher education programs.
Muhlenberg County has been a great place to attend school. I have been provided with a lot of opportunities to prepare myself for college through AP and dual credit classes.
It was a very good experience. I found all of my teachers were very helpful and will truly help me to meet my goals in life.
i am now a senior in high school and really wish this county would change the way things or organized. i do wish they would stop blowing so much money on sports (football, basketball, baseball.)
Overall a decent school. However, could use some major adjustments to improve overall student atmosphere.
The school system is not bad, but very unorganized when compared to other schools alike. I would like to see more of the staff working with the students and better ways to handle situations.
I had a very pleasing experience through my elementary and middle school years at Muhlenberg County Public Schools. I enjoyed my high school experience as well, but I feel has if I missed out on the true high school experience. Being in two different buildings makes feel as if we are not one school, but still two. Bringing all four grades into one building would allow for others to have that true experience that I and many others did not get.
I most enjoyed the wonderful facilities at MCHS and the sincerity of the administration. I would like MCHS to offer more class choices to aid in college readiness.
The Muhlenberg County School System has been a very good for me. I began at Bremen Elementary for my K-5 years, then I went to Muhlenberg North Middle School for my 6th through 8th grade years. From there I've been at Muhlenberg High School, where I'm currently a Senior. At every level, I feel I have had excellent teachers, where I have been challenged to do my best.
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