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Mt. Vernon R-V School District Reviews

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I grew up in Mount Vernon and loved attending school in my hometown! The teachers and administration were fantastic and always ready to help students! I felt very involved in my town participating in clubs, activities, and sports. I attending school in Mount Vernon for 13 years and graduated with honors. The facility was great and always being improved for its students. The only thing that could be improved is that I wish I was more prepared for college. My school did not offer as many dual credit classes as I would have liked. Entering college, a lot of my classmates had many more credit hours than me because they were given that opportunity. However, I loved the Mount Vernon school district and really enjoyed my time there furthering my education.
The Mount Vernon School District is a decently small district so its a nice way to be able to know everyone. While being small means a small budget, it still is a great place to learn.
The teachers were very nice and I learned a lot. They would help me out if I had any questions and I knew I could trust them if I had an issue.
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The teachers of Mount Vernon High School are excellent! From always being willing to work one on one with a struggling student to putting in extra hours they are great overall. Another great aspect of the staff of MVHS from coaches to counselors and everyone in between is that they really care about the students and want to see each of us succeed.
I love the willingness that teachers have when it comes to helping their students. I love how goal oriented everyone is here. I have received a lot of help in working towards my dream.
This school has been an amazing place for me to grow as a student and as a person. I’ve felt supported in my endeavors and help was offered to me in times of need. Our administration is outstanding and are working hard to better our school system every day. My only complaint is that our band equipment was in terrible disrepair for 3 of my 4 years. The 2017-2018 school year, brought new (to us) percussion instruments. This was a huge upgrade and I know other big things are in the works for next year and years to come. I’m going to miss the teachers, administrators and staff and am honestly a little sad to be graduating and leaving this place and people I love so much. I will remember my high school years fondly and will return to visit when my schedule allows.
I liked that we had a small class size so we knew everyone. I didn't like how clicky people became though, there was a lot of small town drama and if you weren't born and raised in Mount Vernon then you never really fit in.
The Mount Vernon School District is a decent sized school with good student-to-teacher involvement. Although I believe that sometimes the sports in our school are favored over the academics side of things.
It's a pretty good school. Most of the teachers care about you and your education as they try to develop personal relationships with the students. The English teachers appeared to be the best because they actually taught and cared about their students.
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