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Mt. Pleasant City School District Reviews

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I attend Central Michigan University and I think its a great school. We are all able to get the help when needed as far as going to professors, financial aid, etc.
They have a lot of strict rules on areas that don’t need to be focused on and forget about more important areas. They do have some amazing teachers that really interact with the students, but also some that aren’t so nice or caring. But overall, it’s a decent school.
I liked the atmosphere at Mount Pleasant High School. The teachers I care about their students and want to prepare them for college and beyond. I particularly feel that the school has very strong science and art departments. Those most taught me what I know now and remember today. My teachers want me to succeed in life, and I think that what makes Mount Pleasant High School a good experience for me.
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As a whole, the Mont Pleasant school districts offers many opportunities and chances for diversity from grades K-12. Having Central Michigan University in our backyard is very helpful in exposing students to all races, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. The high school, in particular, offers the most opportunities of the schools in the district. With the combination of Mount Pleasant High School and the Gratiot-Isabella Technical Education Center, students are able to find their true passion. These two facilities give students the chance to explore possible professions and learn more about topics they may be interested in pursuing. GI-TEC offers courses in everything from business concepts, culinary arts, machine trades and art/design courses, there is really something for everybody at MPHS.
More Awareness on Bullying. Self awareness in oneself. Especially in middle school. These kids from 6th grade on up struggle to fit in. Struggle with finding who they are. Self harming, suicidal thoughts/ attempts. It's real and happens everyday in Middle school and High school. These kids need to know where to go, who to turn to. More information should be placed about throughout school area. A girls group and boys group should be offered. Kinda like a Big Brother/Big Sister come volunteer once a week. Just an idea!! :)
The Vocational Technical Center part of the High School is the only thing that made this school worth while. Most of the teachers were burned out and didn't care anymore. The administration did nothing unless it made their job easier. I'd give a one star but the tech center was awesome.
Mount Pleasant has a great school district with a very supportive community. The athletics are very good and supported by a great community. The teachers are always willing to help students succeed and there are many resources that also are willing to help students in need, such as the National Honors Society, who put on peer-to-peer tutoring once a week.
Very good security. There are many great programs and opportunities. The student body and staff is helpful and kind. Due to the fact that the school is located on an Native American reservation, diversity is decently high.
Very welcoming and open. People are always giving back to the community and multiple organizations utilize service within the community. The schools are also great with top notch education and environment friendly.
Mount Pleasant High School was over all a good school where I made many friends and enjoyed my four years of education. My biggest complaint would be the lack of challenge in the classroom. Many teachers were very nice and were available safe adults to talk to about home life, but some teachers made it apparent their lack of caring for the students education. This was showed by allowing students to use their phones, or leaving the classroom during tests. I am aware that High School is a difficult age to teach because some students struggle in a educational less hands-on setting; but this behavior showed me that these teachers although few were not concerned on preparing us for our future.
The trimesters gave me more options with a variety of classes. There are many loving, caring, trustworthy students, teachers, and faculty members here. Anyone and everyone is always helping each other out in so many ways. I say that because here everyone is interested in how to further everyone education.
I enjoyed meeting all of the people I met. The students are pleasant people, and the teachers know what they're doing, and how to make it easier to learn. That said, the school could certainly use a new system of budgets, as the more expensive classes (such as band and orchestra) tend to get less funding than the cheaper classes (such as gym).
I loved how inviting the teachers were, most are super friendly and will help when you need anything. What I would want to see change is the fact that kids still make fun of disabled kids, when that is something they can't control.
Sometimes the teachings are a little out there, but Dr. Jackson has brought some amazing teachers to this school!
The best thing about Mt. Pleasant City School District is the teachers. They have many great teachers who really care for the studentd and want you to learn.
It was interesting experience. Most of teachers were grateful and glad helping students. Others were less than helpful. The academics were solid, along with AP courses in the academic system. Courses meant for test prep were subpar. Some teachers gave tips about testing, others just gave us tests and didn't learn on why we got the answer wrong.
The city of Mount Pleasant is interesting. It a town built around a college. That being said, there is not truly that much to do. To go out for fun, you can either go bowling, to the movies, or out to the bars.
As for the school district itself, the Mount Pleasant High school is a great school! It is slightly smaller in class size, but bigger than the surrounding schools. Central Michigan University is pretty decent! Teachers are great, minus a few (but you will get that everywhere)! They have a lot of opportunities for you to succeed and the people here are great!
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I'm currently a senior and have been going to Mt. Pleasant high school since I was a junior. The school is very safe. Even though I've been here for only a couple of years I've had an amazing experience. The school has a variety of different cultures, races, etc. Goint to thus school has been amazing, especially because the teachers dont teach one way and expect the whole class to understand, they teach many ways for the students different learning style. I'm sorry if some of this doesn't make sense, has grammar errors, or spelling errors, none of this is because of this school, it's because it's currently 4:28 in the morning and I'm currently on spring break.
I have been in the Mount Pleasant School District for about 6 years now, and I have to say that it's been quite the experience. I have yet to meet a teacher or faculty member at any of our fabulou schools that won't help their pupils succeed. That really speaks to me as a student following a dream; to have adults who support us is truly magical. Aside from the workers, the district is very nice. Good schooling, great people, and more importantly, great students. I believe I take pride in my fellow students as we fight or way to success.
it would be nice for the students if more of the teachers cared more about the students. It seems all too often that they are there only for the summers off. I feel kids would care more about their school if they felt the teachers cared more about them. More respect from kids to teachers and vis versa is needed in general. Kids feel they can get away with anything and often do, because they know the teachers can't do anything to them.
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