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Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools Reviews

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I don't like anything about this school. They are consistently cutting more and more classes. There is no competition, there are no difficult classes either. It is not safe.
What I like about Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools is everyone has a chance to succeed. The staff are always willing to help you go reach your fullest potential. I have always felt supported there and there is always someone you can count on whether it is a student or a staff member. I believe the school could improve on giving everyone an opportunity to explore their interests and getting the students more involved in school functions. For instance, making sure all students have access to certain classes such as ASL. I wanted to take a sign language class, but because of our low population, the class got cancelled. Many people did not know they offered it.
I am a current high school student enrolled in Mt. Morris. It’s easy to pass classes at the school if you try. This community is very welcoming and there’s a lot of great people, but I feel like they don’t prepare students well enough or spend enough time preparing for the SAT test and for college.
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I had a good experience in mt. Morris schools primarily because I was involved in athletics. I loved the teachers. It is not a very safe area though.
They try there hardest to make sure everyone feels welcome, safe, and give you the best education they can give you.
My school district is a very good. Everyone gets along but we do have our differences. Lots of Diversity. Academics are very good.
My experience at Mt. Morris is good. I haven't graduated yet, but so far I like it. Everything they do is to prepare me for college and they tell me all the time how much they want me to succeed.
Overall the district is good, safe for the kids. I went to middle school and high school here. Teachers at the schools are nice, they have improved a lot over the years with bringing in more staff. Academics are great, they help the high school students with getting ready for college and applying as well starting your freshman year.
I don't believe I was prepared for Michigan State at all even though I took all advanced classes. I graduated with my bachelors but i believe I prepared myself more than Mt Morris did.
I'd like to see them improve in preparing the students for life outside of a school environment. They should spend less time worrying about the school as a whole and focus more on the individual students.
I like the atmosphere and the people. In the nearly four years I've been there I have never seen instances of bullying, and the teachers are always willing to help in any way they can.
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