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Mt. Lebanon School District Reviews

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Since I am an almost graduated senior reflecting back, Mt Lebanon schools have prepared me very well. All the classes, teachers from elementary school to high school have made me such a better student. I struggled but I always had gone for help and received help from teachers and other students.
With children having experienced all levels of the MTLSD, I can say that it only gets better. The opportunities for children to engage at every level continues to impress me. The academics are exceptional, the teachers and the highest quality and the overall culture is strong.
Mount Lebanon has great teachers and faculty. They really prepare you for college by giving you great tips and resources. While the area isn’t very diverse, I feel that we were welcoming to all people.
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As a student who attends Mt. Lebanon, I can personally attest to how great the academic opportunities offered are. The STEM program in particular is amazing as it gives students opportunities to shadow in different fields, listen to speakers, or participate in competitions. Many people say that “college is what you make of it,” and the same can be said for Mt. Lebanon. Many students go through the school district without participating in any of the academic programs, clubs, or sports, but many other students fully take advantage of the opportunties. The students that do receive a much richer and fuller education. My biggest complaint about the school is the lack of socioeconomic diversity. Particularly, I find it frustrating during English classes when discussing because majority of the school is white, upper middle class. This lack of diversity causes a lack of perspective for students.
I’m a senior and I love Mt. Lebanon!! They always took care of any issues we had and supported the student body rather than opposing us on topics that mattered!!
Great school district, very supportive in the music and arts along with athletics. Great teachers and a beautiful school.
We have had three children graduate from the school district. The most recent being Spring 2018. We had moved several times before moving to Mt Lebanon and the level of commitment one sees from Mt Lebanon's teachers is not typical.

The school district has served the community for generations and focuses on maintaining "traditions". This includes being "old fashioned" in that teachers set high expectations for students, expect them to work hard, and do not "give everyone a trophy". The teachers likewise work hard, and the high school teachers will gladly come in early in the morning and help your son or daughter if they ask for help.

However, the administration and teachers do not use "tradition" to block change. They are aggressive in using new technology and adopting new methods when they make sense and are proven.

The school district also has good balance between sports and non-sports extracurricular activities. There is something for every kid.
I love Mt. Lebanon. The school does such a phenomenal job at making everyone feel welcomed and prepares everyone for the best learning environment as possible. The teachers are amazing. So far, most of the teachers I have had are passionate about what they are teaching, making the lessons more engaging and more interesting. There are so many choices for which classes to take, and the wide variety of challenging, interesting, and fun classes makes me enjoy going through my day. The culture of the school is very accepting, and the students get along well. While there is a lack of diversity, people typically do not act superior to those with differences. Overall, Mt. Lebanon is a great school to go to for great academics as well as a wide variety of fun activities.
Mt. Lebanon offered great opportunities. It was greatly recognized as a top school in the Allegheny county and prepared greatly for the road ahead for college. The only downside was the lack of culture and diversity. I would even come back and raise my children there if the school could offer more diversity.
Amazing education that really prepares one to be successful in higher education. However, the lack of diversity and world perspective definitely hinders the personal growth of many students.
I like how kind the teachers and faculty are. I wish the students were more accepting to new students.
While the academics are excellent, the school culture and diversity could be improved. The school refuses to renovate the already existing rifle range and instead spent millions on tearing down half of the school and renovating the other half. Taxes have been raised because of this, and they were high to begin with. I understand that tax dollars allow for the achievement of good results we receive on many tests, but the money should be used more wisely.
I got a good education and experiences. One thing I would chanhe is college readiness. I dont feel like my school prepares students for technical things after highschool.
Lebo is a wonderful community with high achieving schools. I often think my teachers should be professors because they are so intelligent in their fields and have passion for what they are teaching.
99% of the teachers take a keen interest in each individual student and that makes all the difference. Academic offerings of art, music, instrumental and language all start in elementary school and are embellished in middle school. The High school curriculum allows for choice to explore classes with real world applications.
Really enjoyed the teaching staff and the opportunities my education afforded me. I really felt prepared for college when I graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School. The school itself was under construction, so I feel that part of my experience was skewed at the time. It has since been completed to my knowledge and have been told that the upgrades are considerable.
Amazing teachers and extracurriculars. Great overall experience. I was very prepared for college after graduation.
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As a student, and summer time costodian the district is top notch. As i was going through some of the buildings were out of date put since then they have been updated. It was primarly white but so was the whole neighborhood. They offer college classes for those looking to get ahead or need a challenge.
The high school is a brand new building and every students is expected to get involved somehow. There are many opportunities for all types of people. I wish it was easier to get on sports teams.
This is the school district you want to be in. There are many positive things to say about Mount Lebanon.
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