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Mt. Diablo Unified School District Reviews

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I loved how our school always had school spirit and brought everyone together. Our school at concord high was always very diverse and always had many different events going on. One of my favorite was Multi Rally, when people from all around the world would show where they are from and their culture.
Mt. Diablo Unified School District is a great district. Everyone makes you feel welcomed. There has never been a time where I felt outcasted.
What I liked about Mount Diablo Unified school district is that I have learned some very important things from the teachers and admin in the district. Every school has its downfalls and its little slip ups but overall the district isn't that bad. You learn what you need or at least what you want because if you don't have the drive to learn then you don't learn. Overall it's a pretty decent district and could use some changes but only the future can tell what will happen.
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I would like the district to help it's schools financially. Mainly for the schools' sports programs. Too many coaches, as well as teachers, need to take it upon themselves to provide equipment, buses and other crucial thing to their teams or students. They are all very dedicated and deserve it. And i strongly believe it would change the district's reputation. Most negative comments come from it's members.
This school is very diverse and does its best to be involved in the community. It has a good curriculum but needs some improvement. More advanced courses should be added and the appearance should improve. The administration is super nice and most of the teachers encourage students
If there were an option between average and very good, then that would be my choice for describing the Mount Diablo School District. I've only ever gone to Concord High School so I haven't experienced what other schools have to offer, but I am aware that we are average compared to other districts. Our schools are poorly kept and at my high school we have wild squirrels digging holes in our campus and we've even had a cockroach issue. I've found multiple in the dressing rooms. I think that the Mount Diablo School District should focus on making school a clean environment as well as a pretty one so that students like me look forward to coming to school.
At concord high as a student I’ve been going there for four years and there’s only a couple people the care. The teachers arnt great and they care more about getting the students that are failing then then the students who actually care.
Overall I had a pretty positive experience with this school district. But you know, sometimes you just don’t really get alone with the people in the school. I didn’t really have a really positive experience with the school office staffs, they were helpful and nice at first but all the sudden their attitudes towards the students just changed, it really deducted points from the score from this district
The Mount Diablo Unified District is very good. Everything about it is just all in all pretty good, I have never had anything to really complain about. I’ve never heard anyone speak badly about the Mount Diablo Unified District.
Going to school in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District was a blessing. The schools are heavily diverse and open minded. Faculty is extremely helpful and teachers are very passionate.
Spent kindergarten through 12th grade in MDUSD. K-8 was spent in a charter school and had an amazing experience. Went to a public high school and that's where things didn't go as well. Lots of lazy teachers who didn't care about teaching but were protected by tenure. With that being said I was lucky enough to have a few outstanding teachers (mostly in AP classes).
I am a senior in College park high school. Overall, this is a fantastic school with great teachers who are always ready to help.
I am a Mt.Diablo highschool graduate, during my time at Mt i learned the basics of engineering that are helping me exell in the engineering courses at SF State University. Although the teachers varied gratly in skill from inspiring to treating us like drones it showed us the reality in the world and that not everyone is nice. In my last yeat i took a french class where the new teacher called the majorety of the class useless but after a strike held against her by my class she was fired and quock replaced. The School truly did prepare me for the real world.
I have had a fun experience at mount Diablo HIGH school. I have met many friends and made memories that will last a lifetime.
The staff and students are so involved in school. The teachers motivate us to do what we are scared of doing they showed us how to get out of our comfort zone and to never give up on what makes us happy.
I loved the culture and diversity in the Mount Diablo School District. The administration was lacking structure and many assemblies were not well organized. Other than that, the district has great academics and the teachers do an excellent job of preparing students for college.
It is a good district but i think that sometimes they dont care much for some things like music and all funds went towards sports. Besides that i enjoy the school. But the food could be better
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There are strong academic schools but also not strong academic schools, too. my kids attended strong academic school so we are relatively happy but we really wanted to switch our school district since we live in the city divided two different school districts.
Mount Diablo High School has been an amazing experience for me. Throughout the 4 years i've been there i've learned a lot and made tons of friends. The teachers are very kind and understanding of the students situations. To sum it all up Mount is a very good learning environment.
My experience has been very well in this District. Very family oriented and great community. I have been in the district since kindergarten and the time spent here was very enjoyable. The teachers really care about you learning on all grade levels. Every teacher has a lot of time for each individual so there is always a helping hand somewhere. I don't personally like much can be made to change this district. I think they can work on what the spend on the schools. I think more money should go toward academics. But other then that , great community and great environment.
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