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Mountain View School District Reviews

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It's a great little school in a small town!! I have not been to any other high school before but this one is pretty great! The community is very supportive.
I like that it’s a small school so everyone knows everyone. I would like to see better discipline when kids get into fights though.
We live in a very small area, which means everyone knows everyone. In the district their is always someone willing to help you out and make sure you can be as successful as you wish. If you let any one in the Administration know your interests they will be sure to help you find the perfect path for what you want to do after high School. They truly care about us as people, not just because its their job to care. We are a very poor area and don't have a lot of money for books and other essential items, but they make do with what they have and never let that get in the way of our education and success.
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We have a great facility and great staff. Something I would like to see different would be to have a greater variety of AP and Honors classes within our school system.
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