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I liked that the school wasn't too big. But I also liked that it wasn't too small. It was like a perfect medium. I would have liked to seen more clubs and more of a variety of classes. There weren't too many options to branch off into something you were interested in.
During my school life I have endured many years of bullying and unfair treatment. I do not seek any pity for my experience has allowed me to gain skill sets such as humility and empathy. I would not say Mountain View is a bad school, instead Mountain View school district is a learning experience and wonderful preparation for real world situations.
My experience here was pretty good ,I have met some really nice friends and have had some awesome teachers. What I would like to see changed is the fairness amoung sport activities... Each sport is special in their own way and all should be treated equally and not have popular one such as football and basketball be the main ones recognized. Every athlete deserves their moment to shine and be recognized no matter the sport...........
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Mountain View is a very good small town school. The students have very well rounded relationships with each other and the faculty. It is nice to be able to come together as a small town when something tragic happens, like a death, or when something exciting happens, like a state title.
Every teacher I encountered at Mountain View High School was very nice. They were not concerned with you just getting through there class. They are genuinely concerned with your learning experience, and they are always willing to stay late to help you lean.
MVHS has done a lot with me and community involvement. It's not the best at making you feel at home, but it isn't awful and definitely doesn't turn you away. Once you find a group, you're bound to feel appreciated. The high school band program has been a gigantic part of my life and it leads me to want Mountain View to make some changes. The administration has been amazing about buying new instruments this year, but it would be even better if they got a new band hall entirely. Doesn't matter much now that I'm graduating, though.
Not a lot of diversity at the school. Great teachers, some very determined to help you succeed and get ready for college. Sports is a very important thing, and they don't acknowledge the arts as much.
High school is a very difficult time for all students regardless of where you goo. However, Mountain view High is a great school that helps make all students feel proud of themselves. I can't describe how great this school is, but I do know I can say it's an amazing school!
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