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Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District Reviews

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LAHS was a pretty good high school. Most people don't care about each other, so there was no real drama or bullying. However, this means the school culture sucks. I have been to a single football game in my entire time there! The dances also kinda suck.
Mountain View High School is an extremely well-funded school, allowing for a constant stream of resources to help students succeed. The school allows students to utilize free tutoring services as well as after school programs to help students become better at what they love. The teachers tend to be very understanding, helpful, and do their best to make sure their students succeed.
I love the opportunities offered to students attending Mountain View High School. Being able to choose classes and making flexible changes if needed is super helpful. The counselors at our school take interest in how we can better our education and the meetings held with students is always informative. I also love that there is a tutorial schedule at school which is taking about 35 minutes in a school day to go to a class or teacher in which you want to improve your academic excellence. We are also lucky that our school offers a program named AVID that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination which is a college-preparedness course that I am fortunately in, that focuses on providing opportunities to first generation students who want to attend college. Mountain View High School is a very remarkable school but should represent diversity among students and teachers more.
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The MVLA district allows for many opportunities and activities for their students to help them grow. The academics are excellent as well, with different classes for students with different learning abilities. Students can go to college with experience in different extra-curricular activities as well as possessing great academic knowledge.
I graduated from this school last year (2017). I really this school because was very nice. I was a second legume speaker but they have very good programs for the non English speakers.
Many of the teachers are very good and care about their students a lot; however there are teachers who are being paid over six figures and deliver low quality education and disappoint their students. Mountain View high school does not have much school spirit and does not even have lights on their football field. The school is very divided socioeconomically.
Probably one of the best high schools I've attended. They really give the students the opportunity to grow. I love that I got to choose weather I wanted to take honors or AP classes. Other schools I went to you had to be tested or you have to be in a program that allowed you to took the advance classes. It is always a really interactive school. So many cool club. Great teachers. They provide guidance for what ever the student want to do after high school. I've learned so much from my peers alone about their culture and belief. People come from all over the world. I've meet people from Germany, Belgium, Spain, China, and so much more.
Although I am only a junior, I feel like the past 3 years have been an average experience for me. In my first 2 years, I had mostly 'average' or 'poor' faculty members, specifically to an extent where I had to file complaints on them. Those teachers treated us on how much they liked them. One teacher even admitted that they only work here since it's high paying. I have heard my friends talking about their school counselors, and how they don't really seem to be doing their work. The district doesn't seem to be checking and replacing their teachers often, and that seems to be the reason why problems (ex. involving Mountain View High School's math teacher's arrest, Los Altos High School badminton team's coach's arrest, etc.). The school is not pressurizing towards students on grades (which is a good thing!). There are many things that students can get involved in, and the resources we have are great. We have a great college and career counselor, and my school counselor is amazing.
I have had a perfect experience at Los Altos. There is no shortage of diversity and every student and faculty member are accepting. The teacher go the extra mile to help you succeed in and outside of the classroom. Students aren't discouraged to take on challenges. To be honest, I would not change a thing at Los Altos High.
Over my 4 years at Mountain View High School, I haven't really had anything major to complain about. The courses are challenging, the teachers are encouraging, and the students are welcoming.
Mountain View High School has high quality teachers and helpful administrators who help you to achieve your scholastic goals.
As one of the top high schools in the nation, educators know the perfect balance between being personal and professional and thus know how to properly influence and teach their students according to their tailored needs. They offer support on all levels and I can trust the next generation will be in good hands here at MVHS. School life was brimming with enthusiasm and club activities were plentiful. Home to many ethnicities and identities, tolerance is found in all directions at this school. I wouldn't pick any other high school to send my children to.
This school district is generally very good with lots of course selection options and good performing arts programs. However, the school in general does not feel particularly unified as admin is out of touch with students and there are clear divisions between different groups of students.
The office staff is very friendly and understanding. It is easy to figure stuff out through the office. The teachers are very caring and patient. They take their time teaching and care about the students education. They take time out of their day to help students.
The MVLA school district is moving in a better direction towards equalizing opportunities and ensuring safety on campus for people of all backgrounds.
I would like to see a lot more diversity on campus. Also I feel that the appreciation level regarding diversity could be a lot more higher. Its very uncommon to see a club or organization that has a big range of diversity and it mostly consist of one or very few ethnicities.
Academics are very good, and most of the teachers I've had are good or excellent. The school's/administrator's reactions to challenging, controversial, or disruptive situations could definitely be improved.
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The MVLAUHSD is very supportive of all aspects of a student's life- whether it would be financially supporting the athletic department or the performing arts, offering new elective courses that could possibly benefit the student, or providing stress relief activities, known as Spartan Pause, during finals week. It has been a great experience overall in this district, and I am proud to say I was a part of the MVLA school district!
I like the school district. They have provided many opportunities for schools more than many others. Our academic classes and electives are plentiful. If you cannot afford sports, music, cheerleading, etc there are many ways that you can get scholarships and fundraisers for each area. The teachers are very supportive to the students. The student activities are well done, but they have changed a couple of policy's that involve how the students can ask others to dances. For example, we are not allowed to ask our dates for the dances by asking in school using creative ways. They feel it will hurt others feelings who are asked. They have always allowed before. This is one example. It is a great school district. I am Commissioner of Homecoming and Junior and Senior Prom this year. My advisor has been supportive and helpful. The disctrict allows the proms to be local one year and out of the County the next. We enjoy the different locals.
Class of 2012. I thought the school was alright. A lot of resources to help students succeed, however, the support network for students they deem "not worthy" is abysmal.
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